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Has any one called 101 before
So my ex is constantly breaking court order basically laughing at my face saying, it not valid, during covid, although my solicitor and law, government say I can. I ask again if I can see the kids have them for weekend straight away she said no. Going on about covid saying people dying etc. Although she been on holiday with them for 2 weeks. I was wondering what would happen if i called 101 which the local police saying she wont let me have the kids, especially if I driven 120 miles to fetch them.
Cant you go to their school and collect kids. If they arent at school only thing you can do is enforce the court order. Unfortunately ringing 101 wont help as they will just tell you to get legal advice and rarely get involved in child contact disputes. If you are considering ringing 101 anyway which wouldnt do no harm i would do it before you intend to travel the 120 miles .
Police can't do anything unfortunately.
It doesn't matter what route, you take unless your got money, there no help for single dads that care about there kids. CMS talk to you like a piece of dirt. My solicitor said he could write her a letter which probably cost anywhere from £700 plus, all I can see with that is her putting it in the bin adding more fuel to the fire, as she doesn't seem phase by any authority. I couldn't follow up court case with a solicitor as would cost me thousands. So as she says court order I cant even do anything with it.
You can apply to court yourself for £215. What I am not clear is if you actually have a court order. If you have then you apply to enforce. You can self rep and we can help in here with any wording for the application. If you only have an interim order, say, rather than a final order then you can’t enforce but can ask for a directions hearing. Either way she is clearly in breach and you could get it sorted at one hearing.
I have one court order already, my problem all brainwashing and mind games, I ask all week if I could have them, it werent until 2pm, my kids text are you coming to see us this weekend. So I took gamble drove 120 miles, and went and got them. She never actually said I could have them before, so it alot if anxiety building up. She been arguing since Monday why I cant, so left it like that last night.
What does your court order say? Is it defined with set dates and times? It doesn't sound like it or you wouldn't be having to ask to see them at certain times. Or is it just "four nights a fortnight and half the holidays" type thing. What it says depends on whether it's a clear breach possibly. If it is a "reasonable contact" order. eg "Mother will allow reasonable contact as per attached schedule" or something like that - then it isn't enforceable and you'd have to apply to vary and ask for a defined order.

If it is a defined order and she is not allowing them to come on the dates in the order, then enforce the order. The only way to deal with the mindgames and brainwashing is a) have a judge scare her and b) have the kids with you as much as possible. She is taking advantage of the distance as well. You could ask for 50/50 shared care, every other week-end and additional time during holiday periods. If ordered, that takes power and sole residency away from her, which is a deterrant to her breaching in future in case more is taken away from her. The remedy to the brainwashing is having them with you and them having normality and freedom from the brainwashing.

I think you should also be asking for an extended period of time with the kids initially to allow them to fully settle. Eg 3 weekends on the trot, all of October half term and some additional time over the Christmas holidays.

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