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Watertight CAO
Looks pretty good order to me. Its left open to be varied when your daughter goes to school if you choose to . You maybe able to get midweek contact changed to overnights either every wednesday or every other wednesday. I get why during term time they would be in grandparents care if your ex ill as they could still do school runs etc. If in holidays they wouldnt be at school so best off with their dad. With your child only being 3 i can see why they only offering midweek 2-3 hours instead of overnight due to young age.
Had you lived fairly close they may of made you wait until your child is in school before overnights anyway potentially and it maybe that you would of got weekly midweek contact for a few hours. Its good you got friday to monday in 3 months or so and by then there will be a lot more to do and restrictions should be less than what they are now due to covid.
well done
Sounds good to me too! Well thought out. I like the extra tea time on your non week-ends! Means you don't go two weeks between seeing them. Well done Judge!

I would still think about the possibility of moving nearer them in future to have more midweek overnights (it could be 50/50 then) and to have more involvement with school. It makes a big difference seeing them to and from school midweek. But leave it at least a year or 18 months before applying again or you could lose some of what you've just gained.
Thanks guys. I learned from here to think of everything but I'm sure there will be some stuff that I have missed.
I picked up the chikdren today and I could see granddads face that wasn't very happy with court outcome. I also surprisingly found out that my 6 years old suddenly has got a new mobile. He tells me he wants to take pictures nad record things and if there is emergencies he would call for help. I told him that thats daddy's job so his time with me he will be protected. I turned it off and put it in his bag. Does she think she can spy on me using little child?
Looking at it from both sides- the grandparents may genuinely not trust you and want to check up to see if child is ok. On the other hand, giving a child a phone is sometimes a way of interfering with contact time and causing trouble. A child that age will want to use it all the time as it’s a new novelty toy. At that age I got my son an iPod touch. Just like an iPhone but doesn’t make phone calls. They can do everything else an iPhone does - play games, take photos. He’ll soon lose interest in the phone!
Its the mum that bough him a phone. Just looked at it and noticed that she has got google location on so she can track where we are going etc. I'm not sure turning phone off will also turn its location off too. I don't want her controlling my time and what I do with children.
How is she going to track where you go ? If you go out leave phone indoors or switch the location off. At that age they shouldnt have a phone to make calls or be tracked whilst with other parent
I had a quick look it was password protected but my son told me what it was. I think the phone is controlled by her. She turned on location and shared it with herself with Google. We used to do it when we were together in case something happens to either of us ( it was her idea) but I don't think it is right when children are with me she can look at her phone and see where we are.
Yeah I had all that. Being tracked everywhere. We just ignored it in the end. Ex told son he had to take his phone with him if we went out so accepted him doing that but it was then left in the car. Got him his own phone here so he didn’t want to use it for games etc.

It can end up being a drama. When ex first gave son a phone we used to take it off him and give it back when he left. He wasn’t bothered but ex bombarded me with solicitors letters saying I was controlling and wouldn’t let son use his phone. Most of my first hearing was about the xxxxing phone! Cafcass said I had to let him have it and both parents could gave calls. I never got them of course.

Take it one step at a time as it can look like reinforcing their suspicions if you prevent them having contact. I’d just get your own spare phone for them to call or text their Mum if they ask to but limit it to one short call.

I then set a house rule advised by a pa book - which was - phone lives on kitchen table. Son could only use it between 4 and 6. As it was in the other room he forgot about it mostly.

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