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How do people deal with communications with ex - anyone using an app?
Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion of a co-parenting app?    OR  ways that they share information with their ex partners?

Me and my ex are not on talking terms, I have moved on with a new partner and she is still full of anger, bitterness and resentment.  Its been like this for 2 years now.  
Every email from her contains, a series of judgements, accusations and is her pathway to tell me how shit I am as a dad and as a person.

I've had enough now and so has my new partner.   My ex has also taken to driving past my house with the children in the car on occasion - its really strange.

I'm going to stop the email communications from her as they are really draining and quite frankly, pointless.   I could condense each email into about 1 line of what she actually wants (which is normally more money!)

Is anyone in the same situation?   How do you handle it?  I've heard there are apps out there but I'm yet to find one that is suitable, the apps I've come across seem to be for parents that are on talking terms - for example, one app had a share pictures and recipes function!  

I just need something that allows only very basic communications and not allow her to rant and go on.

Any advice would be appreciated.

HI I know CAFCASS and Mediators would swear by app called 'family wizard'. This app has everything for separated parents. I'm told CAFCASS or any other authorised person can read the messages if you want it make it available to them. Not surprisingly the devious ex'es are not naturally in favour of it, but you could try that.
Tell me more please I love to know about this app, then they can see her swearing and mental abuse I'm suffering
Hi Chester

I have the same mate and no longer have any email communication, not worth the hassle. I started a basic handover book to write down anything to do with the kids with a date and popped in their bag for my ex to read. When I collected them again, there was normally a response in the book with any updates (birthday parties etc) I would then respond and so forth.

Just keeps things simple as I only ever want to communicate about the kids, nothing to do with us etc.

Might work

Keep well
Just looked into family wizard but looks very American base tbh. Anyone using it
I like whatsapp. If ex is abusive or kicking off you can choose to ignore and read messages when it suits. If it gets too much u can even block them temporarily
Most my messages are done through what's app, but you can block them I tried loads, but then she cut off all ties with my kids just make a point
You need the Uk version :-). “Our family wizard “. Also heard good things about it. It has a tone filter. Not sure how that works - I think it alerts the writer to hostile tone and suggests alternative phraseology or just changes it - not sure. But it also has other resources to reduce the need for much communication. Eg a calendar which both can put things on. I think it costs an annual fee though. Link below.

I also have the same thing with email. My ex either won’t communicate at all or sends nasty emails with lots of point scoring and sarcasm and blather. You can do the ignore thing - the only need to communicate is over dates or a major issue really. You can also just keep any responses very brief so she stops bothering. Eg “Noted” or “ok” or “not agreed. If her emails are nasty and abusive then it’s harrassment (I believe it is only harrassment if you don’t respond- if you do respond it’s classed as an argument. If it is harrassubg stuff you can show them to the police (needs to be within two weeks of recent ones) and ask to have it logged or the other option is they can go round to give her a warning. If she doesn’t stop then she can be prosecuted on the next occasion.

I had some pretty abusive regular stuff at one time and ended up that I couldn’t face reading then abd getting anxiety if she sent anything so delegated partner to vet them and reply (after running it by me). Then partner got affected by them and now I seem to be fairly immune to them as it’s not that often. They also stopped being so bad when Judge made a recital about civilised communication.

Better still if you have a defined order you can virtually do parallel parenting - where there is rarely any communication needed. Everyone knows what is happening when. Although my ex still used to email to constantly want to change things. But you don’t have to.

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