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How to enforce the arrangement agreement/order
I have a child arrangement order issued by the court which she has largely abided by since it was issued.

She's now refusing any contact from me with my child so no visits, no picking him up, no phone calls.  I have a text conversation from her stored on my phone where she makes it clear she was not going to facilitate any further contact.

She's also refusing to respond to any of my attempts to communicate with her.

I have since sent her a recorded delivery letter advising her that she's in breach of the contact agreement but of course she has ignored it.

What's the next step in getting the order enforced?  Which forms do I need, and do I need to print 3 copies like I did when I originally applied for the court order?

I'm not going into the details of what caused her to go like this as I'm pretty certain she uses this site (or at least used to lurk some time ago) but it does not involve any safeguarding issues.

Thanks in advance.
If you have a court order in place and the ex isn't abiding by the court order then you can file a c79 enforcement order.
Thanks. Do I have to make 3 copies of it as you do with the original application for the court order?
You should as a rule, though please note your court may not be open for counter service - please check with your local court.
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
You might be able to apply online.

What reasons is she giving? If any. It seems very bold of her to just stop contact like this. She needs to have a "reasonable excuse" not to follow the order. She might have a number of excuses but are they valid ones or reasonable?
Thanks for the reply.

I can't go into the specific details of why she is blocking all contact as she has used this site before and for all I know may still be a member, especially as she will know her actions in this will cause me to do "something" and I don't want her having any heads-up on what my next course of action will be.

But it is no safeguarding issue (the only justifiable reason I can think of to cut off ALL contact including phone calls) and nothing I have done has contravened any of the points listed in the Arrangement Order.  If anything she has breached a number of them herself on many occasions, all I've overlooked in the name of keeping things peaceful. But when it comes to stopping me from seeing (or even talking to) my child, I'm taking no s**t over that.

In short, she's just being stubborn and controlling.
Is she using Covid as an excuse? If you can say, in an application, that there is no reasonable excuse then that is the argument for asking for the order to be enforced. Along with the child's best interests which are not being met as child is not seeing you. And state there are no safeguarding issues and this has been ascertained by the courts previously.
Cheers again.

No it's not Covid, we've been able to successfully work around that issue.  All I can say is she's being difficult for the sake of being difficult.

The Enforcement forms etc were printed and sent off this morning so let's see how this goes.

If the court agrees with me, as I suspect it will I'll post back here the full background of what's behind this.

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