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Hello Rock, meet Hard Place. Ah! You're already aquainted I see!
Hi guys, sorry I didn't mean to suggest I was thinking of dying. I meant that it feels like I'm in a losing battle.

I'm keeping copies of all the attempts I've made to contact her.

When I can get back to court I think the judge will find it interesting that she's made no attempt whatsoever to promote contact.

That should work in my favour right?
That will work in your favour yes - I usually email my ex sometimes and CC the court in which does spur her on
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
I wouldn't delay though. Delay may suggest you accepted it and didn't try to see her by taking it back to court.
In an ideal world that would work yes.

But I don't have the money to go back to court.

£215 isn't something I can conjure up out of nowhere, I've already ruined my credit and sold everything of value I had just to get where I am!
Sorry, I didn't mean to bite anyone's head off. I've just been fighting this for 5 years on my own, self representing in court all the way and facing off against my ex's solicitor.

Every concern I raised about parental alienation was ignored, CAFCASS were, at best, unhelpful and at worst; hostile, unhelpful and incompetent.

The court eventually granted a semblance of what I asked for, but didn't take into account my concerns that my ex would manipulate our child and alienate me.

Well guess who won the pony!?

Then Covid happened.

Sorry... I'm just so sick and tired of kicking water uphill.
Yes it is wrong that Dads have to keep forking out to enforce orders. I would think on a return to court you could ask for Cafcass to monitor that contact is taking place. So your ex can't keep doing this.

Would you be eligible for legal aid? I know its iffy and hard to get. You could still get a free half hour with a solicitor - explain you can't afford the court fee and ask them if they know of any probono or charities that can help out. Long shot I know. Crowd funding?
I've tried emailing every account I have for her, I've texted and called every number I have for her too and no response. (I've kept records of my attempts)

There a court order in place yes, but if I went for an enforcement order my ex would more than likely use COVID as an excuse for her not complying with the order.

I'm going to try mediation. If they can't get hold of her either then it's back to court when I sell a kidney.

Her lack of communication should help my case though... I hope
Well I can't say that life isn't able to surprise you once in a while!

The ex has finally acknowledged the multiple emails I've sent her.

She didn't answer any of my questions or do anything useful... But, hey ho!
I hope her response wasn't accusing you of harrassment! Maybe your next message should not ask questions but set out what should be happening now.

Eg - Please ensure my son/daughter is available for contact, as per the court order on x day at x place. Kind regards, you.
Luckily her response was:

"Apologies for the delay, I hadn't seen these emails.

(Daughter) is doing well and has been enjoying the sunny weather.

I'll email more tomorrow but wanted to reassure you that I've now seen all of your emails.

Kind regards,

Ex wife"

It's been over a week now and she hasn't replied, so I've politely chased her up.

Now you've mentioned it I am worried she's going to pull the harassment card now

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