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Enforcement Order, what next?
(06-30-2021, 10:03 PM)warwickshire1 Wrote: most enforcement hearings end up being hearing to have orders varied. If mum breached u end up with a slight increase of contact or your order more defined to stamp out mum exploiting things. Often no punishment is handed out ...not even a telling off

This is what is happening with me.  Applied for enforcement and was talked out of this - basically left with no choice by the courts but to pursue a variation of the current order.  One year later and we still haven't had the final hearing and the court have requested all documents from hearings from 5 years ago.  Lay justices sitting too - 3 women and one man.  I don't expect anything positive for our child to come from this.  Just more punishment for dad off the back of constant false allegations from the mother.  I actually expect that our child will spend less time with me at the end of the this.

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