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end of the fight
Court result. judge recognised the alienation but refused to order our child to go to counselling, ever thou i had it booked and paid for. She is 13 but he repeatly referred to her being 14/15. Too old to force against her will. He would not restart contact even thou i was applying for an enforcement due to order breech. The once a week phone call is now 2 weeks apart. The child was barely speaking to me for the last 2 months. Only answering the phone calls cos its in the order. Its now over for me. Over 10 years fighting. Over 12 court hearings. 
I wish all the other dads the very best of luck in the furture. Dont like the child got too old before starting a court case is my advice. 13 seems to be the cut off. After that age, the ex,s control is not questioned.
chin up my friend, you have done everything you possibly could have. she wont be 13 all her life and one day she will be of a mature age where she will realise. yes it will be lost time but she will recognise that you fought years just to be in her life. she will be able to make her own mind up and not be controlled by the control of her mother. dont give up with the telephone calls and continue to make contact with her buddy. it is difficult when you dont get conversations or she may just about give you one word answers but it is most likely because she feels shes in a situation where her mums telling her one thing and she feels stuck. hang in their my friend there will be a time when your relationship with her will be much better when she can make her own decisions without being influenced.
Ty gurm. Kind of you to post. I am curious of the pov of dad's that have lost their children. Obviously, the dads that couldn't cope are no longer here to reply but I would really appreciate any comments from dad's that are in this position. How hv they managed. Thanks

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