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Self isolation for kids
Good afternoon all,
My son was told to self isolate from school. He is 6 years old. Myvother son is 3 and at nursery but not told anything else. I had video contact today and was told by him he couldn't come to mine and I am sure this was her mothers word. I told her that he could self isolate at my house and I will pick him up as normal. Her mother so said (from the background) he won't be at the nursery for you to pick him up.
Where I am legally before having to write tobher?
Best to let this one go . if they are self isolating let the days painfully sail past and resume contact at the end of it. It is summer holidays soon so they wont be at school so you may get additional time then
I understand where you are coming from but this is the first one and I’m sure if I let it go there will be more from now on again.
I won’t see them till August now and this summer I have 2 weeks and she has 4 weeks as per court order
There is really nothing you can do other than ask for the time to be made up. That would be something she should be willing to do if you send her a polite message/email
I insisted that children should be with me. Ex wanted me to skip but I didn't so they are with me now and enjoying the sun in the garden and paddling pool.
hehe nice one

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