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Do I stand up for myself?
Hi All,

I haven't posted on here in sometime but very quickly:

8 year old son, existing court order + amendment. Full weekend, holidays, birthdays, passport etc.

Multiple allegations of every type of abuse for 6 years since separation. All batted away by courts, cafcass, social services and police. Recent cafcass involvement has again come up with no safeguarding issues.

Ex tries to make every holiday as difficult as humanly possible, not agreeing to dates, leaving times of pickup to the morning of etc etc

6 years of rubbish really.

Anyway, latest exchange is because she doesn't want summer holidays as per court order (2 weeks with me, 4 with her....).

She always tells me that the school (where she works) and his doctor (also her doctor) have all the information about my abusive nature and they are looking out for him.

So far I have done nothing, assuming that if they had any concerns they would speak to me about it and I could state that no charges have ever been bought (not even been arrested), cafcass have no concerns and the courts have given me the full contact spread including 2 weeks continuous in the holidays and access to passport.

It does bother me considerably that school and doc may think this about me? And I am concerned that if they are attributing any issues to his contact with me then they might be missing something else.

So, do I actively write to them to lay out my concerns so something is on record? Or is it ego and does it not matter as long as things between me and him are good (they are).

Thanks :-)
i got the same issue, ex is constantly logging stuff with childs gp i.e. nightmares, trauma, shock, breathing issues due to memories of her father, all sorts you name it.

some people are sick and got nothin better to do
Why would you write to them? Its highly likely your ex is making it up and doctors are not going to get involved anyhow. she may trying saying things to them, but it will be noted at best.
They wont of formed any opinion of you as they dont know you

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