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School Holiday Advice.
So our last CAO states that our child is with me during the 6 week hols week 1, 4 and 5. With ex 2,3 and 6, this was what she asked for. School dates came out last Christmas and the school broke up on the Friday and it was her weekend. I mentioned this to her at the time and stated that the first week starts on the Saturday but as its her weekend I'd start in on the Monday if she wanted. Asked her to confirm this but if she didn't it would start on the Saturday as the 1st week, she never replied. I mentioned this again in Feb but still didn't get an answer so I knew what she was going to do. I booked a holiday starting from the Monday to cover myself and my boys holiday time. I mentioned about pick boy up 2 times in the week before the Saturday and once again no issue was mentioned.
I turned up at my house, which she is stopping in until boy turns 18, only to get a text that its her weekend and he won't be coming out and if I didn't leave she will call the police.
As I know how she operates I knew this would happen. Instead of mentioning this 7 months ago she waited for me to turn up to collect our boy only for her to be able to stop it happening.
I text back saying that this is the start of the 1st week as per the order and will wait 15 mins for her to bring him out or I would take matters further, she never did. I wnt back on Monday and son came out.

so, who is right or wrong.

If I have "week 1", as per the order, when does it start?

If school breaks up on a Wednesday does it start on the Thursday, If Thursday does it start on the Friday and if Friday does it start on Saturday or Monday?

Does it matter who's weekend it is?

Any advice before I take matter back to court to enforce the current order.

I could have quite easily booked a Disney trip for my boy starting on the Saturday only for him to be heartbroken if his mum wouldn't let him go.
If there is no "start date" in the order it is open to agreement as to when it starts. If it's defined as saying the summer holiday weeks commence 9am the first Monday after end of term then it's always Monday to Monday. The main thing is knowing when the weeks start! And exes play games like this refusing to agree the start dates. Otherwise, there are usually a few days extra so doesn't really matter whether they are at the beginning or end of the holidays - except you need to know! I fell foul of this - I was supposed to have a start date but it didn't materialise. So it's ongoing argument (or silence) as to when the weeks start. It probably isn't worth going back to vary over on its own - wait till you have more.

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