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Courts, any point?
hello all dads.
just off the phone from UK mediation services. Probably the top source of expertise in the country. I explained where im up to. 
16 hearings, over 10 years of broken contact, abusive ex. Ongoing court, where i stated counselling is vital with the child. I had booked and paid for a number of sessions. At a hearing (middle of last year) judge completely ruled it out !!

The chap from UKMS calmly told me "you dont need mediation, you need counselling". Of course he,s perfectly right. But Im going mental here with anger. Are judges so detached from reality? Are the delibrately wasting time and sending us round in circles?
I have so many questions. Is this judge neglectful/ unqualified? Is there any point in adjourning the next hearing, as he wasting my time
I have seen the sentence "the whole system is broken" lots and lots online. I always knew it was biased but now thinking its broken and pointless when a Court doesnt know what is vital and also a basic request from a claimant

anyone else adjourned a hearing or requested a change of judge?

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