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I have been separated from my ex wife since february 2015, first par...t of divorce is done, without any finances or custody sorted. I see my two boys a lot......I have a two year re straining order in place so co parenting wit their mum has never worked since then. I have just received Family Court papers, form E and all that. I spoke to my solicitor, he is going to charge me £8,000 plus vat, to cover 3 court visits, I am self employed so its a bit complicated. I have paid her maintenance every month since we split up, although i had 5 months off work last year.....she is in the family home, she has just advised that she is not prepared to buy me out of my share of the family home......where does that leave me, what are my options, without going to court....can i sign the house over to my children..? or do I just give it to her...? Any ideas... Thanks Tony
I am Self Employed and have been on and off since 2003, but only as a sole trader.

The court will view your finances over your self assessment net profit amount, regardless of it you have paid yourself it or its sitting in the business as retained profit.

What child maintenance you have to pay will consider this amount, if your supporting any other children and how much time the children spend with you.

Do you own the house, or is it on a mortgage? If so, how far into it are you. It might not be as easy as signing the house over , as if a mortgage is in your name you are still liable for payments.
Posts made by me are my opinion and any factual information should be checked out. If you do not have a Solicitor, often your local CAB can get you some initial advice.
If you are finding the sums quoted by your solicitor a bit steep, consider going Litigant in Person, that is self representation. If suitably prepared it isn't difficult and in some respects is better as the judge hears you speak rather than having a solicitor as a mouthpiece.

Regarding the home, the courts could order she can stay there until the children have left education, and then the house could be sold and it's value apportioned accordingly.

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