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Carlin said:
Saturday, 5 May 2018
Hello im looking forward for more news paid thank you!
Tolani said:
Thursday, 23 Feb 2017
Just reading about this website, and its really educative and interesting
Michael said:
Thursday, 2 Feb 2017
Found your information on going to court to get joint residency very helpful. thanks
Alex said:
Saturday, 14 Jan 2017
Thank you finally a site that can help me
Shane said:
Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016
I have found your articles and views very helpful and appreciate the assistance that it gives in the struggle for equal rights as fathers. many thanks shane
Andrew said:
Thursday, 17 Dec 2015
Great site finding out more than I have been told and it shows that there is hope
Mark said:
Sunday, 1 Nov 2015
Newly seperated, this website has been a great benefit to me.
Mario said:
Thursday, 23 Jul 2015
It's very good service for separated dad's. Thank you
Vinay said:
Thursday, 18 Jun 2015
I want detail related perjury & section 191 , 193 , 195 pls. send jugement as soon as possible and also guide me how to submit civli perjury Thank you
Jamie said:
Wednesday, 3 Jun 2015
What a great website... keep on the brill work.. I only wish I had lernt of this site before.. Jamie
John said:
Thursday, 30 Apr 2015
Look forward to reading the views and experiences of others in a similar situation to myself.
Pam said:
Sunday, 29 Mar 2015
Very useful website. We need a Law giving fathers equal rights for access to their children. How can it be right that a mother can say that a father can not have any contact with his child? False abuse allegations seem to be the way to achieve this.
Darren said:
Friday, 2 Jan 2015
Great site .. I am a victim of severe perental alianation falsely accussed of everything under the sun . Your site is very helpful . I would like to raise some money for you guys to help a very worthy cause . Cheers Darren
Jason said:
Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014
Im looking for help. I was in my kids lives, then the mother decided that as she had a new partner I wasn't needed. I can't afford a solicitor, and I don't know what I need to do. I want to go to court for contact , but I've read that I cannot go straight to court. Hoping you can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
Rachael said:
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014
Hi my brother is in prison and his other half is telling lies so now he cannot contact them he has 9 children and is a great dad how can I help him he doesn't deserve not to see his kids she won't even let me see them
Paul said:
Tuesday, 23 Sep 2014
What do you say in a letter to your daughter after not seeing her in 16 years. she was 7 months old, she is now 16. her mother and parts of my own family have poisoned me. thank you
Ian said:
Monday, 28 Jul 2014
Great site :) looking forward to being supported and offering support. Ian
DANIEL said:
Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014
Keep up the good work
Colin said:
Wednesday, 25 Jun 2014
It is great to feel that I am not alone in feeling very upset and frustrated - all I want is to see my three lovely children with none of the current/previous grief...
Ade said:
Sunday, 22 Jun 2014
Keep up the good work
Denis said:
Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014
I look forward to receiving your newsletter. I am having to deal with an incredibly vindictive mother, who is on a constant mission of revenge. This is to point of my daughter being totally alienated against me and my son being "worked on", Your website looks very practical and informative.' Regards Denis
Jeff said:
Wednesday, 28 May 2014
I,v read through the site and it seems great
Alex said:
Saturday, 24 May 2014
Great site and a great help.
Sarah said:
Thursday, 13 Mar 2014
I'm a grandmother to my son's children and the mother gas not let him or us see the children I'm finding your site very useful thankyou
David said:
Wednesday, 12 Mar 2014
I am fighting to obtain a shared custody. I am from Spain but now living in UK . Thanks for your helping. David
Aaron said:
Sunday, 5 Jan 2014
Great site. Thanks
Vincent said:
Wednesday, 31 Jul 2013
Am so glad I found this site, being separated from my daughter is hard, but its nice to know am not alone thank you
Stewart said:
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013
I am currently going through a separation, and have found separated dads to be a very tool In helping my and my ex negotiate and come up with an amicable agreement between us regarding our children and finances. Thank you.
Ian said:
Monday, 24 Jun 2013
Currently locked in "battle" with my ex over our children, turning ugly on her part, and so far the guides here have been a godsend. Great website.
Cameron said:
Friday, 14 Jun 2013
Looking forward to the newsletter thankyou
Darren said:
Monday, 13 May 2013
It is a very insightful and informative website.
Mark said:
Thursday, 17 Jan 2013
Thanks for helping through difficult times,
Bruce said:
Thursday, 15 Nov 2012
Just wondering if I can get the band here in Canada? There is a lot of great stuff on this site
Gillian said:
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012
This is very helpful info as my partner is going through similar things. Thank you.
Andrew said:
Saturday, 30 Jun 2012
Great website, the articles have helped me cope better with a very difficult time in my life. Thank you!!! Andy
Chris said:
Saturday, 31 Mar 2012
Thanks for creating such a fantastically useful website :) I've browsed around, and although still absorbing what I can, I can glean much from your wisdom here - though I appreciate I'm facing a mammoth 'uphill' struggle ....
Joel said:
Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012
Hi Everyone, I found a lot of useful information relevant to my current situation. And I would like to thank everyone who contribute also encourage everyone going through the difficult ordeal.
Stephanio said:
Monday, 6 Feb 2012
Thank you so much for this article
Nick said:
Monday, 2 Jan 2012
Absolutely fantastic website! So informative and helpful. I have done lots of research in books and websites etc since unfortunately becomming a "separated dad" and this site is one of if or THE best I have come accross for men in my position.
Scott said:
Saturday, 26 Nov 2011
Superb site give us single dads support and explains what our rights are THANKS Scott Robertson
Scott said:
Thursday, 20 Oct 2011
Hi, I have spent all evening reading the website and have found it very informative and helpful.
Andrew said:
Wednesday, 5 Oct 2011
Great web-site, makes the haze and pain of not seeing my children a lot easier knowing that it can and will all settle down and be sorted out. The case studies reflecting actual experiences helped a lot.
Lee said:
Monday, 19 Sep 2011
Being in this awful situation I have found some really useful and reassuring information on this website.
Gary said:
Sunday, 28 Aug 2011
Like a few others I am so glad I found your site. It feels lonely being a recently separated father and the range of emotions is intense and varied. Thank you for your efforts. Gary
Felix said:
Saturday, 27 Aug 2011
This is a very useful and informative website and has been of continuous help to me. Keep it up!
Anonymous said:
Friday, 29 Jul 2011
Hi it's a very good website, me and my husband suffer the evil ex use CSA to knock us down, we never enjoy our marriage together, don't know how long this pain going to continue, life is not balance in our marriage..
Alexander said:
Thursday, 28 Jul 2011
Please send details if possible on Family Courts in the Basingstoke area and supervised visits thank you.
Shaun said:
Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011
Great to see this fantastic wealth of resources available, thank you Jane and team.
Karl said:
Monday, 4 Jul 2011
Feel lost and need some information. thanks
Kieron said:
Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011
Hi there Just like to say great that us dads can have a voice and read up on issues...thank you
Paul said:
Friday, 29 Apr 2011
So pleased I came upon your site. Full of useful information which has helped and keeping me going. Thanks
Dave said:
Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011
Great site, but when is British justice going to look at Fathers rights equal to Mothers.
Samantha said:
Wednesday, 9 Mar 2011
I was looking for information to help my little brother. Great website.
Patricia said:
Friday, 18 Feb 2011
Just discovered this site its great!
Ian said:
Monday, 7 Feb 2011
A great site containing lots of invaluable information.
Jayne said:
Sunday, 23 Jan 2011
Just found you, great site! Hoping to help out my son a seprated Dad. Grandparents are also involved and helpless in these situations.
Thorsten said:
Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011
Great site! Very informative and gives exactly the information we fathers need in a very female biased legal system.
Tony said:
Sunday, 9 Jan 2011
I am on your facebook and have visited your website, its a great source of information. Not only that but its good to see that I am not by myself.
Paul said:
Thursday, 6 Jan 2011
Newbie, thanks for being there. Are there any local groups in Newport area that have discussions etc.
Mary said:
Sunday, 19 Dec 2010
I been looking in on your Facebook page and am finding it very informative and helpful. I would like to join in but when I did my photo came up from my facebook site ! I dont want this in case my son s ex see it..how can I stop this please? regards Mary
Amanda said:
Friday, 10 Dec 2010
Great site, as you must remember that it is not a one gender problem. Women also pay child support and dad's can use the same tacis to turn children against mum. But while browsing through your site I now feel not so much alone in my situation. Thanks
David said:
Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010
What a great site. I am going through the same thing as many dad's on here and it is a good source of reassurance. Thanks.
Sherry said:
Thursday, 5 Aug 2010
Great source of help, thank you so much.
Mark said:
Friday, 30 Jul 2010
Great site. has helped me with other fathers going through the same turmoil
Mike said:
Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010
What a great website this is !! I'm disappointed with myself for not finding it earlier. I look forward to using it for information, and hopefully interacting with it in the future. Keep up the brilliant work !!
Sean said:
Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010
Found this site by accident and I have recently seperated from wife.This site has made me realise that all is not lost and I can still be a great Dad!! Thanks!
Jayne said:
Thursday, 15 Jul 2010
This site is a breath of fresh air. I've read most of what's on the site, in a attempt to understand my ex husband's behaviour since our divorce and perhaps get some tips on how to handle the sorry mess we're now in. I found it to be a well laid out site, informative and applicable to both mums and dads in some cases and I'm definitely going to share it on Facebook. Well done!
Simon said:
Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010
Very useful site, thanks. As I'm feeling quite low about this, your service is much appreciated.
Jon said:
Friday, 2 Jul 2010
I have found this site a great morale boost!! Thanks Everyone
James said:
Monday, 28 Jun 2010
Its great to find a well put together web site like this with an abundance of usefull and straightforward information.
Kelly said:
Thursday, 3 Jun 2010
Thank you for a very valved site.
Neil said:
Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010
Great site with very useful information.
Nick said:
Monday, 31 May 2010
An excellent website, good information that’s clear and concise. Thank you
Darren said:
Tuesday, 4 May 2010
Very informative, i'm in court tommorrow and got a few last minute tips. Fingers crossed.
Imran said:
Tuesday, 4 May 2010
Great site with lots of helpful information - Thank-you.
Colin said:
Thursday, 29 Apr 2010
As a recently separated man I have found your site to be of much help and a great source of information.
Steve said:
Sunday, 25 Apr 2010
Looks like an excellent site
Karl said:
Sunday, 18 Apr 2010
Keep up the good work!
Stephanie said:
Wednesday, 7 Apr 2010
Fantastic site, clear concise and relevant. Thanks so much
Michael said:
Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010
Really helped me
Frank said:
Monday, 25 Jan 2010
Just found your site but already in- valuable for my present difficulties. Many thanks
Peter said:
Wednesday, 23 Dec 2009
Great site that is a huge inspiration for me and other separated fathers. The information is clear and concise and very useful. Each article leaves me with hope that their is a way to resolve any conflict.
John said:
Sunday, 8 Nov 2009
Really helpful at a very ditressing time in my life
Darren said:
Thursday, 22 Oct 2009
Find it really helpful with some cases.
Juan said:
Wednesday, 14 Oct 2009
Thanks for all the info!! really useful..
Elinor said:
Tuesday, 13 Oct 2009
My partner is in the very early stages of a nasty fight for access to his little one. This site has made me feel a lot less helpless in my efforts to support him and be there for him in the 'right' way at this massively hard time. I really hope it will help him a lot too. Thank you so very much.
Andy said:
Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009
I'm not as tough or alone as I thought I was. It felt good to cry, thank you.
Stephen said:
Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009
I found your site useful and would like to forward my story. I am writing a book and like help from other fathers experiences.
Monday, 17 Aug 2009
Kevin said:
Thursday, 6 Aug 2009
Thank you for being here.
Carol said:
Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009
Interesting reading for Paternal Grandparents rights - grandparents should have more rights. Seems when they are needed when the couple are together for caring for their grandchildren all is well but rights seem to diminish when the couple split up - so very very wrong.
Anonymous said:
Friday, 17 Apr 2009
What a great site. I am a woman going through a separation, and trying to be amicable about it, with varying degrees of success. The information has been really helpful - thanks.
Rob said:
Thursday, 26 Feb 2009
Lots of very useful information on this site, thank you.
John said:
Sunday, 22 Feb 2009
Just found this site and it looks great.Thanks
Gary said:
Thursday, 3 Jul 2008
Having recently separated from wife and being denied access to my child by him being used as a pawn, for financial gain I found your website really helpful.
Maria said:
Sunday, 27 Apr 2008
Might also be interested in other newsletter on legal issues....many thanks.....maria samuel
Nigel said:
Monday, 24 Mar 2008
A pleasure to know we are not alone very useful well done.