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Being Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

By: Lorna Elliott LLB (hons), Barrister - Updated: 13 Aug 2021 |
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Every year, many people in the UK are falsely accused of domestic violence. The reasons for this are wide-ranging. Some partners or ex-partners make up allegations of domestic violence to get out of a relationship that they are otherwise unhappy with, others do it to spite their partners, while some still want to ensure that they stop (usually) the father from seeing the children.

In other circumstances, a stranger, someone you know, or perhaps your child’s teacher could become concerned about an injury to your child or something your child says – and refers Social Services to you. The tragic fact is that this does happen to people who are totally innocent of any crime. Sadly, although in this country you are ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the truth is that sometimes people can get charged and found guilty for domestic violence on very little evidence.

What Can Happen

You can be arrested while in your own home, in front of your partner and children, and in full view of the neighbours. Then you can be taken to the police station, your DNA taken and held on file, and interviewed while under caution. You could find yourself in court, charged with an offence for which you have done nothing wrong. Worst of all, you could end up with a criminal conviction and sent to prison. The problem is, when emotions are running high after a break up or divorce, one call to the police can have far-reaching consequences. If word gets around your local community, you could suffer verbal abuse, harassment or worse for being a ‘monster’.

Your Rights

If this happens to you, you need to be aware of your rights. You are entitled to legal advice at the police station. If you waive your right, you may end up saying something that could be misconstrued, especially if you are tired or are lulled into a false sense of security by the interviewing officers. There have been many cases that have been successfully brought by the Crown Prosecution Service purely on the basis of an admission in interview at the police station.

If you do speak to a lawyer, tell them the truth because if you are coy, or uncooperative, they are not going to be able to advise you properly. The police may bail you to return to the police station on another date. If they do this, you MUST ensure you go back on the day and at the time specified, or you will be charged with an offence of ‘failure to surrender’ and a warrant may be issued for your arrest. If you are innocent of any crime, be persistent, stick to the truth and try your best not to get angry at any stage. If you find yourself in court, it is vital that you come across as genuine and sincere about your innocence.

Implications For Your Accuser

If your partner or ex-partner accuses you of domestic violence, when you have in fact done nothing wrong, by the time the police are involved your ex has already committed a criminal offence for which they could receive a prison sentence of up to six months. If they then go on to falsify evidence to the authorities – the police, social services etc – they are then perverting the course of justice. If the case actually gets to court, and you find yourself in the dock on trial for something you haven’t done, your accuser would in most circumstances have to give evidence in court. If they are still lying at this stage, they are committing perjury. These are all serious criminal offences for which your ex-partner could serve a long prison sentence.

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I have the same issue my wife and I have 14 years old relationship and have 2 kids but few years back she start asking me that she need some money around 10,000£. which I was unable to give her she said she will return me. when I refused she start blaming me and start vocal abuse on my call me names. I try to calm myself but some time lose control and responded her with same calling names. 1 week ago when I was at home she start shouting on me and calling me very bad names and my family my parents etc.. then she said to me leave the house she don't want me to live with them... So I replied that this is my house I am renting it better you leave she stand up and pushed me try to throw out of the door but as I was not moving out and resisted she slipped on the floor and start crying I said it was all your fault you should not have pushed me. 30 min later 6 police officer stormed on my house and took me to the next room and said to me that your wife complained that you dragged her from the bed and punched her face 4-5 times and throw her on the floor.. Which was totally lie. So I replied to the police that its all about money she wanted from me and thats why she now don't want me to live with her. but police took me to 24 hours custody interviewed me and then left me on bail not to move closer to my own house and children on any cost. Now I have no idea what will happed as she is staying in my house and I have paid the rent.. Should I stop paying the rent ??? as I believe I will not be able to get back to my house for next 3 month even more... My wife maybe applying for refuge house but no idea if she is doing or not but at the moment she is in my House
TONY - 19-Jun-21 @ 7:29 PM
Hi - I was accused of domestic violence in Dec. I haven’t seen nor heard from my partner since then - in fact we are not allowed to contact. She was abusive to me , verbally and physically and I stupidly reacted - the whole thing lasted less than three minutes, and now my life is in bits. There is a court case and it has been postponed three times. All the while I am in limbo and can’t move on - the whole situation with one drunken call to the police about not a lot has spiralled way out of control. I have contemplated the unthinkable - I am heartbroken and finding it hard to get through every day. I’m not a criminal - and never have been.
Bubbles - 19-Jun-21 @ 8:09 AM
I have just spent over 20 hours in a police cell accessed of DV. I have taken legal advice. The accuser, my husband, is on record as being non-supportive (he was drunk). He has since withdrawn all allegations but I am still - potentially - going to have to go through a system that does seem to favour liars. What happens when an alleged 'victim' sobers up? What is the best thing to do to not be prosecuted falsely? I can't contact him, directly or indirectly. He has told the police he doesn't want to pursue this. I am really scared and will off myself before being found guilty of something I didn't do at all. All help very well received. Thank you.
Maz - 13-Jun-21 @ 7:13 PM
I have been with my wife for 35 years, during these 35 years when we had an argument, she always got violent she was and is totally incapable of controlling her temper. But because she never really hurt me I never did anything about it. After the argument if she felt she had not totally won. She would disappear with our children eventually after a few days she would contact me I would beg her for forgiveness and then she would come home, this however always left me in a weaker position and she would remind me of this time and time again. People ask way I Stayed with her I did because I loved her and my children its as simple as that. then 15 years ago I had a very sort lived affair I stopped it and confessed all to her I was put through hell it gave her the excuse she needed to get even more violent. about a year later things were OK and we were sat on the bench in our outhouse all of a sudden I felt this unbelievable pain in the left side of my head, then my right side I jumped up realizing that she had punched me in the head and with such force I hit the other side on the wall, I asked why she said its for having the affair. The end result was I had clicking noises in my head each time i sneezed coughed etc. Stupidly I didn't go to the doctor I was ashamed that a women was beating me up. Anyway a few months later I had an ear infection I have had it before so no problems, however a few hours later I started to get a violent head ache which a doctor misdiagnosed as normal for an ear infection the end result was 24 hours later I was in a coma in hospital with meningitis, this left me profoundly deaf and unable to walk in low light or darkness because my balance organs had been destroyed by it as well, and truthfully ruined my life,a year later I was summoned to hospital and they told me that they found the reason why I had meningitis it was because on both side of my skull the tegmen was missing and my brain was flopping onside me ear cavity. I new instantly how this happened, it was due to the punch in the head she gave me, yet again I kept my mouth shut about it, we were getting on really well again and i did not want to rock the boat, I had a 13 hour operation to repair the damage, and since having meningitis she had stopped the violence. Things upto about 3 and a half years ago have been OK but then the area manager of the company she worked for started accusing her of not doing her job properly, I have to say that he was benign unfair as she put her heart and sole into the shop she managed, This badly effected her and she left the job but a few weeks later she started to blame me for it saying I was always jealous of her success, this really upset me as I was always there for her supporting her, Over the next three years I fought hard to save the marriage but on a Friday evening on late this January she told me she wanted a divorce I was gutted we have been together for 35 years married for 34, but at the same time there was this great s
iamborg - 13-May-21 @ 1:10 PM
cont...A partner with whom, after the first date, I had to have a very uncomfortable conversation about what I'd previously been accused of, in case she wanted to run for the hills. Thankfully she didn't and we're now very happy.
Steve - 10-May-21 @ 12:37 PM
This is going to sound like a bad episode of Eastenders, but this is what happened: I was arrested in 2015 after my now ex wife got bored and decided she'd spice up her life by making up a load of nasty stuff about me so she could play the victim to her friends. One of these friends was a little more socially responsible than the others, and took what she said seriously and so quite reasonably went to social services as we have children. Social services then tried for a long time to contact me, but knowing this, my (ex)wife secretly disconnected the house phone so they couldn't. Then, realising the jig was up, andwe'd end up in the divorce court, she decided to go all in, go to the police and say I had been abusing her because that way she would get legal aid and perhaps browny points in the divorce. After I was arrested I thought it was all a big mistake; my initial theory was that someone online had gotten hold of my (ex)wife's details and had made allegations pretending to be her. When I was questioned I said I didn't need a solicitor as it was "all a big mistake". Only half way through the interview did it click that this was real and was happening, and that she was behind it. Still I gave evidence without a solicitor present, which in retrospect was an incredibly stupid thing to do; I was a mess, confused, had never been interviewed by the police before and could have said anything. I then spent a very scary night in the cells, was bailed and went to live with my brother. Only later did we find out that she had done this before to someone else. The worst part for me was the way I started to question myself, and my memory of events. I denied the allegations of course, they seemed absurd; that wasn't something I would ever do. But then I started questioning myself. Was I remembering things correctly? After all these allegations were coming from someone I should have trusted. And they supposedly happened a long time ago. Was I at fault? Then while I was on bail further allegations; and this time they were very recent (the previous week). She accused me of attacking her when I picked my son up for contact. And then I knew. It wasn't me, it was her. I hadn't misremembered anything. I wasn't at fault. I couldn't trust her. She was out to get me. And most definitely had a screw loose. Eventually, the police investigation ended with the very unsatisfying conclusion of 'No further action', which simply meant there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute. No exoneration, no suggestion that she lied. In most people's minds all that means is that 'he did it, but got away with it', not that he's innocent. I know because before all this happened I would have been one of the people who thought that. 'Believe the victim' they tell you and I would have done that. Why would someone make up something like that? Why indeed? Thankfully, not all women are crazy and I have a new partner now. A partner with whom, after the first date, I had to have
Steve - 10-May-21 @ 12:35 PM
My son is a police officer being falsely accused, his wife as been given judgement against him for sending an email to her for sale of property she won't respond to solicitors and keeps mo ING address, my son will be sacked from his job and lose his home in next few weeks
Dee - 26-Mar-21 @ 8:17 AM
My partner was accused of making threats to kill by his ex wife. I know he did nothing of the sort, I was there and witnessed everything. After years of coercive control he finally left her and very quickly moved in with me. We went to the flat they used to share in order to try and collect the last of his belongings. I went to record any incident on my phone as we expected trouble. We arrived to find the flat in darkness, my partner looked through the kitchen window and remarked that there was no fridge, perhaps she'd already moved out....he then looked through the letterbox and told me he saw her shoes, so she hadn't yet moved out.....she must be working away. We left. No recording....there was nothing to record! An hour later we receive a call from the police.....I can't hide my surprise and tell the officer we were there but we thought she was out! Turns out she'd made an accusation of criminal damage. Three days later she'd changed the complaint to threats to kill, citing a misunderstanding due to language difficulties and my partner was being carted off to the police station.....meaning I had to call work for him and explain that he'd been arrested doing his reputation at work no good at all. Since then we've had our first hearing and we discover that we've been put through he'll because she says he said 'I'll kill you' through the letterbox. Our statements are identical to hers apart from that one fact. Utterly ridiculous. The police refused to take my statement at the time. Our solicitor agrees this should never have got this far. We have every confidence that he'll be exonerated, but we don't get legal aid. This is costing £3k. If this wasn't so stressful and expensive, it would almost be funny.
Kerry - 21-Mar-21 @ 8:32 PM
Due to a neighbours dispute my nextdoor neighbour has reported me to the police fir domestic abuse when he overheard an argument I had with my partner and thought I had smashed his bike and broke his cycle pump when in fact I did nothing I accidentally closed into it was slightly annoyed with my partner for leaving it k. A silly place I'm very worried I know I have a temper but I'm not violent and my partner and I have a loving relationship
Sexy - 18-Mar-21 @ 10:35 PM
My son was arrested on Wednesday night because his gf absolutely gave false information to the police about domestic violence( he got remanded for 4 weeks )that was very much fabricated, she tried to withdraw her statement, please tell me what she can do next to get him out of prison, my son was on FaceTime with my 15 yr old when said events were supposed to have taken place , she told them he locked her n baby in house which is untrue as she ran out of the door shouting help help with baby in arms ( she got this idea as her neighbours had done this very act in November 2020 ) my son did run after her as the baby at 13 weeks old only had pjs on &?it was at midnight so very cold for hershe also texted me just 5 mins before said events saying he wasn’t given her the baby (Not a single word of violence mentioned.( as my son is worried about her mothering ( she’s been talking about baby going up for adoption etc as she can’t cope , so my sons main concern that night was for his baby .she in actual fact has beaten my son for almost 11 month , before , during & after her pregnancy I kept telling my son to document this but he said mum I can’t I am supposed to be a man and she’s the mother of my baby . Please help my son has done prison time before for silly things but never towards women , they were in my house until 11.30 on that very night when she assaulted my son infringe of my 2 girls who were hysterical witnessing this
Totti - 8-Mar-21 @ 1:27 PM
Hello i was falsely accused of domestic violence in 2014 i was arrested and locked in a cell overnight the case went on for 3months and then the case was droped because of no evidence and my son taken away from me to a refuge with my accuser i was seperated from my son for 3 months i was named and shamed throughout my naighbours and my reletives wispering behind my back, after begging and pleading with my wife after all i been through she seperated me from my parents and my family and moved far away since then my life has been hell until this date can i sue against damages to my health and my life my future being wasted etc
Afy - 2-Mar-21 @ 10:15 PM
I was accused off domestic violence against my ex partners mum in October 2020. I came home from work and just said to my ex tell your parents to butt out off things with that she lost the plot and started hitting me and in self defence I put my hand up and accidentally caught her mouth. When I was arrested I told the police this in the interview. My Ex refused to.make a statement. Then a month later she made a statement against me saying I had my hands round her throat. She never had any marks on her when the police looked that night and 48 hours after she had no marks. But where she hit me I had marks on my neck. I was in court on the 17/02/21 pleaded not guilty I now have a 6 hour trial in August.
Dick - 20-Feb-21 @ 2:30 AM
i have been wrongly accused of domestic volience and now on bail untill the 9th of march for sentenciing, my ex wife after 17 years in a relationship (Married for 6 years) we have 3 children together my oldest is 14 i have 2 daughters of 3 and 10. my ex wife commited adultarty and had been having an affair and now pregnant with her new man, i confronted her about the affair and in result of this i have had 13 police callouts on me and been made by the courts after she put a Non molestation and a Occupation order on me in july 2020, the courts have forced me off my tenancy after 17 years they gave her sole tenancy of the house. the courts ordered the orders on me without any evidence of domestic voilence!! she had stopped me seeing my children for the last 8 months...the system as let me down to the extreme where i am now homeless and facing jail! been stopped from seeing my children with no evidence
Daniel - 1-Feb-21 @ 11:25 AM
I was falsely accused Sep 2020 by an ex girlfriend.Long story short she was constantly accusing me of chatting to other women, she even went through my phone repeatedly, found nothing and then started blocking my friends on my facebook.In the end I told her I was leaving so she tried stopping me with pushing, as I shouted she pushed me back in to wall by my throat, later punching me and then biting my arm.I never hit back, only pushed her to the floor a couple of times and forced a door open as she had locked the front door and was holding the living room door closed.I was later arrested for GBH with intent to harm, ABH and criminal damage.She had lied saying I attacked her for no reason, yes she did have bruises and bumps on her head where she hit the floor, again I never attacked or hit her back, just pushed her away to get out of her house.Still on bail as it keeps getting extended but I stress because with allegations the women's word is favored in law and society etc.Luckily I had the sense to take photo's or the scratches on my throat, scabs over my face from the ring on the hand she was punching with and the bite mark and go to the hospital to be checked over.
Dave - 8-Jan-21 @ 1:52 PM
I was falsely accused Sep 2020 by an ex girlfriend.Long story short she was constantly accusing me of chatting to other women, she even went through my phone repeatedly, found nothing and then started blocking my friends on my facebook.In the end I told her I was leaving so she tried stopping me with pushing, as I shouted she pushed me back in to wall by my throat, later punching me and then biting my arm.I never hit back, only pushed her to the floor a couple of times and forced a door open as she had locked the front door and was holding the living room door closed.I was later arrested for GBH with intent to harm, ABH and criminal damage.She had lied saying I attacked her for no reason, yes she did have bruises and bumps on her head where she hit the floor, again I never attacked or hit her back, just pushed her away to get out of her house.Still on bail as it keeps getting extended but I stress because with allegations the women's word is favored in law and society etc.Luckily I had the sense to take photo's or the scratches on my throat, scabs over my face from the ring on the hand she was punching with and the bite mark and go to the hospital to be checked over.
Dave - 8-Jan-21 @ 1:52 PM
My ex partner of on and off 4 years accused me of domestic in a child hearing papers after I applied for equal responsibilities and time with my child she claimed I abused her for 4 years when in fact we had one drunken argument which led to her hitting me and I restrained her.she claims she called police and that they never did anything (which is false)we ended in January 2019(which is important)after my daughter was born after I walked away.To which she stopped me seeing my child and has done since.she also claimed she contacted women’s aid right after. But continued to try sleep with me try it on with me etc I have letters and conversations which can back my Side of events but how do I prove this in court ?
Wes - 20-Dec-20 @ 4:22 PM
A court order was in place whereby I see my son and bring him to my home weekly. His mother has not followed the court order and has used Covid 19 as an excuse to prevent this contact taking place (when shielding and lockdown were lifted). I have re enforced the order, this is pending in the courts with another hearing in the new year. The mother has found a solicitor. I have been informed that this can be done by claiming domestic abuse to obtain legal aid. The mother has not made any claims in any previous statements of domestic abuse but I’m concerned she has this time to claim access to legal aid. I am told if this is the case it would be undisclosed to the court anyway. Is this true, possible etc. And what are my rights. I cannot afford a solicitor either so I am self representing. Of course it’s me who has taken it to court but only so I can have contact with my son. Thank you in advance for any comments or feedback.
William - 13-Dec-20 @ 6:34 PM
I was falsely accused of domestic violence. A detective called me and started to tell me to save my side of the story so I did then he said why did I bit his thumb. I pause because I was shocked. I told him I never did that so I don’t know where he’s getting that from. As far as the detective in him pressing charges I have no idea about that. Now he says that he wants to say that everything he said was false. I even told him listen even if you say his fault he might think that I’m forcing you to say that or something like to that extent you’re a mean so this is like a huge problem. I am video of him admitting to everything. Also other day I took pictures of myself because he hit me in the face several times and I had bruises. I told it to the detective and he said that he never had mentioned that. The pictures of the day and the time which was today of what happened. I’ve been talking to my psychiatrist about all this and she will write a letter in the fence about me also my landlord to because he has noticed everything and has noticed that Alex has a history of calling the police for just everything not related to me. What to do
Mark - 29-Nov-20 @ 3:52 AM
My fiancé got a arrested for something he didn't do to me because his probation officer rang them up and accused my fiancé off assult but I never reported it in at all to the police I need advice on what to do about the false allegations of assult what never happened at all has there's no prove that my fiancé has hit me or anything please someone help me and advice me what to do
Shan - 27-Nov-20 @ 1:36 AM
Dear Tom, I have found myself in a similar but more horrifying situation. My ex-partner is accusing me of assauting her 10 year old daughter back in July 2020, spitting in her face and harrassing her through text messages. I spent 22 hours in a cell and was questioned and released on bail, to appear at the police station on the 11th December. All these allegations took place after I went to collect my 4 year old daughter as pre-arranged with my ex and she refused for me to see my daughters as she said I employed a mediator and now cant see my kids. I called the police as was afraid the situation would get hostile only for them to arrest me claiming that my ex alleged I had assaulted her and her daughter back in July 2020. I am now on bail and unable to see my kids. The likelyhood is that I will be remanded in custody on the 11th as the CPS only take into account my ex's statement and this will be enough to prosecute me.
OG - 25-Nov-20 @ 12:58 PM
I came home at 7pm in the evening to find two police officers waiting to arrest me. I was told that I was being arrested for domestic violence and handcuffed. I was then taken to a police station and held in a cell until 3pm the next day. It was the most horrendous night if my life and exhausted when I finally was interviewed. The details of allegations was that I allegedly thumped my wife and she fell over and sustained some minor bruising. This apparently happened five days before the police actually came to arrest me. We are going through a divorce at the moment and have no doubt that she is not usually using this accusation to have me removed from the house, possession of the family home and also full custody of the kids. How can the law support people who can be so vindictive! Out on bail now but homeless and unable to have contact with my kids. Anyone been in a similar situation and any advice?
Tom - 8-Nov-20 @ 9:59 PM
Also to add, from comments read on here i can see there is a trend in Sham marriages being carried out by the same kind of people making these false allegations. Mostly seem to be women who marry UK citizens to gain citizenship. 1 week after my ex received british citizenship through all my families hard work and efforts, I had found out that she was already in an affair with someone else. Even after giving her a second chance, she was still involved with another affair and still came back to me for help with applying for her british passport....this is really a growing trend the Home office needs to look into, as I have seen a very clear link between false allegations against men from women who have come to the UK clearly to obtain citizenship.
False allegations Ri - 4-Nov-20 @ 12:28 PM
I am a 37 yr old male, ex british Army serviceman and no criminal record or issue with police in my life till I was falsely accused of multiple rape allegations over a whole year period by the ex who with the assistance of the bad crowd she gaslights to had me arrested after I had clearly caught her committing mortgage fraud and extorting money from me for it until I had made it clear I wanted no involvement and would report this to the police if I had to due to what my family had been experiencing due to her actions. After she realized I could no longer be used by her, she left a trail of destruction for my family to deal with ontop of her being a huge contributing factor to my CPTSD. I have lived in an abusive relationship from her towards me and my daughter since she came to the UK only a few years ago and its now been over 6 months since the charges were dropped after she did not support her bogus statement with countless holes in it, clearly as she played the victim , she was not even done for wasting police time or what I had to go through for over 3 months of the police clearly not dealing with the case properly, and numerous admin errors, from 1 allegation to 4 and then to 2. I really had no idea how bad things are handled with the police till I was in the spotlight and not working for them for a change. My advice to any guy who is encountering an kind of domestic abuse or has a mental condition that is being made worse by their spouse, I recommend you tell the right people right away, no loved one will ever abuse, scam or play on your condition for their own personal benefit. Notice the warning signs and get help as soon as possible. True there are hardly any resources aimed at men who are facing domestic abuse or false allegations of any kind. Most results on the web are aimed at women, and this is a really biased view on what is really going on in relationships. It is almost pretty safe to say that if you are a man in modern UK, you are always going to be at risk for having a penis.
False allegations on - 4-Nov-20 @ 12:19 PM
Hi I've been falsely accused of dv. My partner has seve mental health this is by no means an excuse but I need my name cleared. My partner is prepared to come with me to talk about this. Tbh I'm not sure if I have been convicted. Cps took it too court there's no evidence but court gave me 14 days to stay away from her and my children. How do I know if I've been convicted or not
Solo - 3-Oct-20 @ 12:44 PM
My brother has 2 children to a police officer who has stopped him seeing the children. She has made up all kinds of stories and lies and now has a court order against him so he can't see them or approach her or them. Because she is a police officer she always has them on side and calls and reports him if he even drives through the area (where our family also live). Her stories were thrown out by the judge as she never has evidence but she never faced any repercussions for her lies as they look after their own! Solicitors to fight against the police are so hard to come by and extremely expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Cld - 22-Sep-20 @ 5:51 PM
I don’t want to come across as rude or uncaring But don’t understand why in comments section it’s mostly woman and there stories! I was hoping with the title separated dads it would provide contents of other dads going through similar situations. I care about these women opinions and feelings as they are equally as important as the next person. They have a very high number of website for women and very little for men
Beery - 14-Sep-20 @ 8:23 PM
I need help I have a new partner we’re still getting to know each other we’ve had arguments he’s broken stuff in the argument and he’s replaced it but police have been called this is only happened when my child has not been here he’s never hit but he has broken stuff and replaced it I’m not scared off him he don’t control me and we don’t live together but now my child’s father picked her up from school and refused to return her home he’s said I’m a Domestic abuse relationship which I don’t know how to prove I’m not they’re are no police reports when my child is present and we don’t usually argue it’s so random but now I’m being told I have to leave partner regardless weather he’s abusing me or not even know he’s very willing to go to anger management or kickboxing classes to stop him breaking things
Utopiamcxo - 10-Sep-20 @ 2:48 PM
I have the same issue as sam. I have married a North African male and he came to UK on a marriage visa and now has gone to falsely claim domestic abuse. I hear this is a common game now. I am going to the police today with all the evidence I have. I have been nothing but good to him. I was advised to go to the domestic abuse service but they can't help me because they are helping him. I need to prove my case to them. Which I will.
Ruby - 2-Sep-20 @ 12:16 PM
Hi I'm looking for advice where to go as I've made some awful mistakes,first my daughter made an ligation to the police saying i had neglected my 3 boys, then social services came into our lifes because my partner has a conviction 20 years ago, I took on board the licence conditions which he couldn't be left alone with the boys he never was, but I freaked out and made a false statement against him, I retracted my statement,but hes now in prison,and I've lost my boys too, I feel so ashamed of myself,for letting them bully me into this as I've never had any dealings with the police in my life, and they are trying to separate us, both for good , please if anyone is in the same situation I'd like help please, as I've had to choose between my partner or my boys,I've lost everything,we've only been together for nearly two years
Shazra - 19-Aug-20 @ 12:51 PM
My wife is North African tricked me into marriage for the sake to come and remain in the UK , I got her spouse visa and we lived together for nine months , Immediately after I found out from her relatives that I was a victim of fraud and they knew her intention from the start , She called the police and filled domestic abuse under false allegations , her main purpose was to get indefinite leave to remain .
Sam - 16-Jul-20 @ 8:53 PM
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