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Relationship Breakdown: 'Lies' About Behaviour

By: Lorna Elliott LLB (hons), Barrister - Updated: 2 Apr 2020 |
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When a divorce or separation gets ugly, either party or both parties can begin to fling mud at each other. They do this to undermine each other’s position, or simply because they are angry and hurt. Once two people who once felt extreme passion for one another are no longer together, the emotions can quickly turn to hate. The messiest divorces can become very destructive indeed, as both parties decide that it is all about who ‘wins’ and who ‘loses’. In fact, there are no winners in a divorce. Both parties are losing something that they thought was permanent, a relationship that they at some point thought was going to last forever.

The Truth About Lies

Statistically, more than 75% of the accusations that are made during a divorce are untrue. They arise for several reasons:
  • To cause trouble for the other person or an act of pure revenge
  • To discredit the other person, so that they are closer to ‘winning’
  • A combination of the two, to show how much they are ‘in charge’

Types of Lies

Lies about drug abuse are common when relationships break down. This doesn’t necessarily mean illegal drugs, but also alcohol abuse “she always drank too much, she was embarrassing in public” to “he was addicted to painkillers, without them he became a nightmare”. Another common type of lie is about illegal behaviour. Whether it’s tax fraud, animal cruelty, benefits fraud, or flouting planning permission requirements – you might find yourself faced with a whole load of awful allegations that are completely untrue.

A less common allegation is of satanic worship. It may sound far-fetched but in messy divorces it can happen. All of these allegations are usually a ploy to get you investigated by one or more public or legal authorities. It may be a real nuisance to have to deal with, but in the event that this does happen lies told by an ex-partner are usually very quickly exposed.

Perhaps the most common allegation is of promiscuous behaviour during the relationship. This could range from alleging internet pornography use, a string of affairs with unknown others, or an affair with someone you both knew. A high-profile example of this was when Katie Price accused Peter Andre of having an affair with his agent, and had to pay a substantial sum in damages after he brought a claim for libel in the High Court. Sometimes these allegations can be extreme, such as accusations that you took part in commercially available pornographic films or internet clips. With developments in technology, it’s very easy to see how cropped photographs and forged documents can end up being used to back up these types of lies.

If You Are Accused of a Crime

If you find yourself Falsely Accused Of A Criminal Offence, it’s very important that you know your rights. It is always illegal to falsely accuse someone of a crime, and you should not rest until you have cleared your name. Your accuser may be wasting police time, Perverting The Course Of Justice or Committing Perjury – if your case ends up in court. Hopefully, none of this will ever happen to you but if it does, tell your lawyer the truth and be calm but persistent about what you know to be the correct version of evens.

Check out the Separated Dads Forum... It's a great resource where you can ask for advice on topics including Child Access, Maintenance, CAFCASS, Fathers Rights, Court, Behaviour or simply to have a chat with other dads.

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Hi, last year my wife of 4 years and I were in a bad place and we were going to break up, right away she started making comments about me not having my children overnight if we separate and that she will make sure in court that she will say I’m a violent drunk and it would be dangerous for the kids.. I’m living away from home and only have work colleagues that are not really friends. She has said she would use her mates to testify against me although I never see her friends... anyway I got scared about not seeing my kids and stayed.. one year later it’s happening again.. we have been together for 8 years and I’ve lived with my kids 6 years. I have two eldest is 6. I’m gonna stay again for my kids, is there anything I can do now to protect myself from a future breakup... I only ever drink on special occasions or staff nights out, I actually train nearly every day I’m not the person she is saying and I feel it’s to scare me which works
DM - 13-Feb-20 @ 10:46 PM
hi so worried about my son.he and his ex partner have a 3 year old which my son has gone to mediation to have contact with. as he has not seen her for a few months although he is paying child supportit was agreed at mediation that he could have access and then the following day she contacted my son to say he would never have access to his child. his ex partner has to told her new partner some months ago that my son raped her two years ago.this has never happened and she has been telling him other lies about my son.she has never reported this to the police and now my son has found out about this and wants to clear his name.what can he do?? go to the police to report the malicious rumour??? he is so worried that the police is going to turn up at his door and arrest him.he is going to go through court for access to his child.his ex is a classic narcissistic and makes everything believable.she cut me off from my grandchild 2 and a half years ago because I said I would get the other side of the story from my son.please can anyone suggest anything should he go to the police first or do nothing?? his head is scrambled at the moment with all of this.
worried - 29-Dec-19 @ 1:42 PM
Hi just looking for some advice my ex partner has stopped me seeing my 2 children I have with her and she has falsely got idva involved and get her self a solicitor and I have tried to get the truth out and I have evidence with a crime ref number from my local police for when I was abused by her and i have had a non molestation order put in place but she has spoke to idva and wrongfully claimed that i was the abuser is there anything I can do about this
Franky - 18-Dec-19 @ 2:03 PM
@kyza.after reading your story ,I am glad my child is (grown up )now she can (defend )herself if she is in a environment where there is abuse .i grow up in a (violent environment) when I was a kid and when I had grown up I said to myself this is the last time you will hit me and I (bashed )them back .yeah I hated been a kid weak vulnerable .when I grow I seen how weak they where for belting and intimidating a child and they new (cowards) that I looked down on them and could snap them in half if I wanted .instead they run around trying to be my friend .
C.laurie - 4-Dec-19 @ 7:03 PM
My partner is a wonderful loving father to his 5 year old daughter Karen(Not real name) His ex wife put a false AVO on him in order to stop him seeing his daughter .This was when Karen was 3 .My partmer was not believed even tho it was his ex wife who was a danger to the child Recently Karen had a large bruise on her back it lookef like she had been hit with a stick or wooden spoon when asked Karen clearly said to us and the police Mummy hitme Mummy hits me all the time.We couldnt believe it when the police believed the mothers lies that Karen had fallen off the couch.When we asked Karen if she had fallen off the couchshe became very upset and yelled I didnt fall off the couch mummy hit me. Because the police belived the mother we had to send her back it was heartbreaking. When we saw Karen again she was totally shut down and told us that Mummy was the best mummy in the world and never hits her .But you could see the fear in her eyes. other things have happened like how Karen comes to us with mattered hair and ragged clothes also she she hasnt been fed We disclosed this to child protection and they spoke to the mother and the next time we had visitation of Karen we asked if she had breakfast and she started saying very fast Mummy feeds me mummy always feeds me amd repeting it over again at lunch we tried to feed her and she was screaming that Mummy had turned and given her lunch and refused to eat. Karen hides food in her room now and is to afraid to tell usabout the abuse at home Altho recently she told another child to Just die when we asked her why she said it she said Mummy says that to me all the time My partner amd I were sobbing over this but we wont tell child protection or the police because they tell the mother and Karen is theatened and punished My partner pays child support and the mother recently got his entire tax return money we were going to use for an eye operation Karen needs.After this money went to the mother Karen come to us with shoes to sizes to small and she couldnt walk properly in them My partner than told me that his ex was wearing anew out fit and was bragging about a clothes shopping spree. We are desperateto save our beautiful little girl and it kills us to hand her back to a abusive narssistic motherbut the authoritiesthat are meant to protect the child are protecting the lying mother. What the hell can we do we would gladly take Karen and let the ex keep the child support paymentsand single mothers pension (Because thats all shes interested in) We want to give this beautiful child a happy childhood full of love but instead she is with someone who neglects and abuses Karen physically emotionally and mentally. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD
Kyza - 4-Dec-19 @ 11:05 AM
My wife is currently destroying me to everyone we both know especially to her work.At the same time she is abusing our joint account by spending all the monies I put in.So far I am paying for everything whilst she spends all her salary to herself.This is totally unfair.On other occasion, she also managed my son to now go against me as she also poisoned his mind by telling lies.I have never hit my wife but instead she always hit me.I am so fed up, destroyed, hurt and confused.The real truth is that she really is clinging on to me because she knows that I pay the bills and her other motive is a financial gain to the equity of our house.In the first place she got me to put her name in the mortgage by threatening me using my son as a weapon (when he was only 8 at the time, hes now coming to 24 years old).She has not contributed a penny once and accumulated debts, took a load without my knowledge and 2 credit cards, plus managed to still overdrawn our joint account.This is so damaging and I feel so down and so low right now. I wish this UK laws should go hard on people like these, they are abusing men for financial gain.I have not filed for divorce yet but I will be soon...
DE2274 - 26-Sep-19 @ 10:29 PM
@sbowloc.after reading your story .mate you are a (different breed) you are the same us (my family ).gods truth i scarred the mother off my child’s face for life and gave her heaps off black eyes and gods truth I am (proud off it )I only regret not belting her more( gods truth ).you can hate on me but At least I’m honest .as for the system been flawed i wouldn’t no never been to court for visitation.i think the system is (good )they never got me in fact the police let me off ha ha .in fact I got away with it I love this new age stuff I used it and worked ha ha .
C.laurie - 26-Sep-19 @ 12:45 AM
same for me, accused of abuse against my wife and children and no hope of ever clearing my name.. the current system is flawed without doubt and geared to ensure women get everything and us dad's get nothing..
sbowloc - 24-Sep-19 @ 11:06 PM
A lot of woman are using the DV card, ( domestic violence) to make false allegations against their partners and that’s to get another place and free legal aid, god they know how to play the system,and the thing is you try clearing your name that she had lied about it assaulting her, there is nothing you can do, because that’s what my ex wife as done to me, made a call to the police to say I assaulted her to which I never, I only found this out after receiving her divorce papers and on it, it stated that a assault report was made to the police, I was never interviewed or charged by the police do all this was a shock to me, I telephoned the police and asked what all this is about? They said it was just a telephone log by your ex wife, I said but it’s untrue and I need to defend myself here, she said there is nothing to defend as no action was taken against you nor was you interviewed or charged, j said so you take a word of someone without asking the other person who. Ment to of assaulted her any questions because what she is saying is lies, he said it’s just a log and nothing else, how can people lie like that and get away with it?
Mikyboy - 10-Jun-19 @ 9:43 AM
I met my ex wife 8yrs ago. 2 1/2yrs of those 8yrs I spent lock up in the criminal justice system the charge? Criminal Domestic Violence of a high and aggravated nature. They were going for 15yrs with a 10yr plee.No criminal history,no arrest, no supporting evidence, no witness, no proof of any kind other then my own testimony of grabbing her as she became violent once she came home from "work " while I was packing my clothes finally ready to leave her after six years of living with (I didn't know then, but I know now) substance abuser. I loved,well still love my ex wife dearly. But the lies told and the consequences of the lies cause the loss of my business, home, reputation, and worse of all our marriage. She had been in a number of auto accidents prior to our meeting now I know related to substance abuse. One nearly fatal car crash that caused a multitude of cracked and broken bones. During our marriage while going through our off and on separation in late 2013-2014 due to her physical and verbal abuse she (supposedly) fractured her leg at work only later to find out (lying about the cause) that she was in yet another auto accident in late 2014. During such time she was under investigation for welfare fraud by the state, identity theft by the IRS, and child abuse by Child Protective Services. Oh yes and being sued for damages in which without my knowledge I was paying for. After finding out October 13, 2015 that my ex wife was in the hospital some 19hrs after accusations of domestic violence. Despite the fact that after I admittedly grab her to prevent any further violence against my person we talked from 2:15am until 9am when I dropped her off at work. After working her full 8hr shift she allegedly went to the hospital and nurses contacted police. When I arrived at the hospital (later to find out she went there for drugs) fearing she had done something to herself, it was then I learned the police had been called.And as I waited for them (volunteerary without restraint) it was then I was arrested, interrogated, and charged with the injures my ex wife had suffered through the years (based on court documents) she stated I did them. I charged 10yrs, 5yrs suspended, released from prison in 2 1/2yrs 4yrs probation. Gentlemen the criminal justice system is not a place that will not even care if you are innocent. There are men who treat, beat, and abuse there women and the courts cannot distinguish who is guilty or not. They should and they must look out for the best interests of battered and abused women and give hell to there abusers. However guys, any act of defence on your part from a physically abusive relationship. Don't try to figure it out. Don't feel like less than a man if you simply just walk away. You are not the one with the problem, she is. I love my ex wife in away only God would understand but without His love, there is no love.In closing remember, it's better to tell a woman your leaving her many hours after you leave, a
El - 30-May-19 @ 4:15 AM
@sharayn.did you punch him back ?.and is the house in your name ?.if I was in shoes I would have smashed him proper and kicked my ex out to and keeped my child there be some knee jerk reactions and some spiraling out off control behaviour mini ww3 .
Luke - 18-Feb-19 @ 8:02 PM
My ex and her new man try to get me out of the house. But a week ago I have been attacked by her new man and punch in my head I was in bed at the time and my son was in the other room.
Sharayn - 18-Feb-19 @ 5:29 PM
would mediation recomend court on the first miam meeting. My ex partner has told me he has had his miam meeting and was told that mediation would not work and to just go through court. Im not sure i believe this
Kat - 7-Feb-19 @ 4:08 PM
I have been falsely accused of domestic violence by my then partner, who is an alcoholic. The system always works in favour of the female. She hit me 3 times in public and I admitted to the police that I hit her back. This was happening in my home in which I took her in and looked after her. Drink turned her into a very nasty person and still does. Some females use allegations as a weapon and for some reason they do not get punished for it when the allegations are either proved false or the female withdraws the allegations. In my case, she withdrew the allegations. She ended up in a refuge! I could not believe what was happening and it all happened so quickly. It cost me 2 thousand pounds in legal fees when all she had to do was spent 100 odd quid to send a letter off to the CPS stating she didn't want to go ahead with it. Talk about trying to screw someone's life over. This similar thing had happened with one of her exes who did 4 years. I believed it at the time, but seeing as what I went through, I am now doubting it ever happened. When I was released on bail with conditions, she did everything in her power to entice me back to go and see her. I did but it wasn't her that dobbed me in for it. It was one of her family members. I spent a week on remand in prison because of it. Disgusting behaviour. also the lies she was spreading on social media playing the victim has tarnished my name and reputation in this town. If I were that was towards her, then why the hell was she asking me back all of the time. Unbelievable. I know that police have to act on reports by come on, this was clearly a waste of police resources. I still speak to her but live by myself now. Goodness knows why I still speak to her after what she did. She truly believes her own lies and that forms the basis for schizophrenia. I know more about her than what her own family know. Either that, or they choose to ignore everything about her. She's screwed me over good and proper. It's not her that's the victim. I have been the victim.
W4 - 13-Nov-18 @ 7:56 PM
my wife went missing on the 25th of April 2018. The following day, i went to the local police station, where i saw your wife and son. my wife had submitted a report making an allegation of domestic violence against me. The police prevented me from approaching her or my son, and then i were detained and questioned. i were released after several hours pending investigation but with no charges being made. i have not seen or heard from my wife since this time. i believe that my wife and son are still in the Manchester area. My partner made extremely serious but false domestic violence related allegations against me on 25/04/2018. This was done by her to achieve a certain ‘objective’. I was arrested by Police. I Released - Under Investigation im not allow to see my son and i don’t know where they are my wife she come to uk 30/11/2017 and she makefalse allegations I’m deny these allegations and believe outside forces and possible mental health issues are to blame for my wife fabricatingthis complaintit was plan apply for another visa to get benefitthere is same one have advice her to do thatshe don’t know any thank abut the low in uk.and knowit been more the 2 month i didn’t see my son I’m waitingfor police decision i have already contacted Manchester Free Legal Help and the Personal Support Unit at Manchester Civil Justice Centre and, following their advice, have issued an application for a Child Arrangements Order seeking a residence order and contact with my son. i submitted the C100 form, which could not be processed because i do not know my wife’s current address, and therefore i were instructed to submit the C4 Form (application for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts) first. I successfully submitted the C4 Form to my local authority on 008/07 2018
manutd - 8-Jul-18 @ 11:43 PM
Hi there, I been cause by my ex partner for assaulting by beatingbut she provoc me she punched me and I didn t touch her at all.she is working like carer assistant with diseable people and I believe she had injured from work plus she were frustrated cose I tried to recorder her and I didn t want to delete and she heat her face on the door.i been arrested at 8 am and they let me to go at 9 pm.i would like to make a complain against her for domestic violence and as well for false accuse.i have the paper from police like refused charge.the reason for her complain it is the council house in Edgware 2 double bedroomfor 400 pounds monthly.can somebody to give me any advise please?
Sarpe - 5-Jul-18 @ 10:30 PM
malicious, lying, vindictive, narcissistic, vexatious, (oh the irony lol), despicable, "i'm the victim ex, with absolute and utterly total regard to our son has tried and in part succeeded in making my life hell but so much worse our young son. Is it or has it made a difference to anyone now that family court is now not in private. J
J - 8-Apr-18 @ 8:59 PM
Hi my partner has been separated from his ex for 7 years she has constantly accused him of Domestic violence so much so that we have contact the police to advise that the police reports from the section 7 report are incorrect (he's taken her 2 court twice for access of the children). she has a DASH on her so when ever she rings it is treated as high priority, My partner has also advised that when they split she went into refuge to fast track her into getting a house. social service are again involved with the children and again she is making this extremely hard to deal with as refuses to sit in a room with me to discuss the children as she says she's scared of me! but she has no problems standing with me on the football pitch watching them play!!! I'm at a loss at what I can do to clear my name as its all hear say from her I have never been arrested, questioned, interviewed ect but she uses this excuses when ever authority's are involved.
aja - 6-Apr-18 @ 12:55 PM
Luke - Your Question:
My ex girlfriend started making up that I was controlling her by stopping her going out and seeing friends and family so she told her family plus social services and I was arrested for assault on a child and controlling behavior which was dropped as there was no evidence to prove it but she was still put into a refuge which 2 weeks later she came back to the family home where we was getting on better as parents but behind my back she was still telling people that I was still controlling her and she asked social services to remove here and my 2 sons and know she has changed her number blocked me on social media and isn't allowing me to see my sons so now I have to attend a family mediation meeting to try and resolve it all and if my ex don't take part it will look bad on her and it will end up in court

Our Response:
Mediation is a process which aims to try and help parents to come to an amicable decision. While court is seen as the last resort in the process (where the court will make the decision on both parents' behalf and regarding what it thinks is in the best interests of your children), the court will not make a judgement on a parent if/where mediation has failed.
SeparatedDads - 26-Feb-18 @ 10:40 AM
My ex girlfriend started making up that I was controlling her by stopping her going out and seeing friends and family so she told her family plus social services and I was arrested for assault on a child and controlling behavior which was dropped as there was no evidence to prove it but she was still put into a refuge which 2 weeks later she came back to the family home where we was getting on better as parents but behind my back she was still telling people that I was still controlling her and she asked social services to remove here and my 2 sons and know she has changed her number blocked me on social media and isn't allowing me to see my sons so now I have to attend a family mediation meeting to try and resolve it all and if my ex don't take part it will look bad on her and it will end up in court
Luke - 25-Feb-18 @ 4:38 PM
4 months agomy wife accuse me on domestic abuse - she said that I beat her . The most interest fact is that I BOUGHT HOUSE less than 3 mounts before she accuse me . Than I've been arrestedand after the court hearing court DECEIDE : WE MAY THINK THAT WE BELIVE TO HER . I found out also that my bank accounts are empty ! And on dispute also my mortgage account she mouve to her own without my permission and without giving me a chance even to pay my mortgage Ok . I m going to the highest court and 3 judges , 2 prosecutors , cross examination her for about 2 hours . She mixed totally , she start build new stories etc. The court belive that I'm not guilty . I can't see my kids already 4 months because the social services ,Caafcass knows that I'm guiltyandmy Wife play with allof them . I found out that is ANOTHER person involved on THAT SHE GO ACCUSE ME - her ex colleguewith who she start leaving straight away after she accuse me . Please give me advice I would like to sue her for everything what she did to me and my kids
Julian - 21-Jan-18 @ 11:35 AM
I eventually had to take my ex to court for contact with my son. It transpired that she'd been plotting against me for months in advance. She did everything she could to try and cause me to react negatively or aggressively, but I kept my cool. I surrounded myself with family and friends to keep my spirits up and also they acted as witnesses. I also advised her I was recording our interactions. In the end she retracted her scott schedule accusations at court and now finally, we can deal with the matter at hand. My advice: Stay calm. Get a solicitor to protect you.or even better, a specialist barrister. Record interactions (after advising her you're doing this) or take along a family member or friend. Don't speak badly of your ex. Stay whiter than white and when things get to court it'll go in your favour. Think before you respond to texts or emails.how will your response be viewed in court.etc. I say again, stay calm! And remember this process is mentally, financially and physically very draining. Do things you enjoy and try to stay healthy. Eat well and keep positive. It will get better! Good luck!
JimboLewis - 7-Jan-18 @ 6:32 PM
My wife accused me for domestic violence, the she changed her statement at the police station, she told then firs i hit her then she said she hit herself accidentally, after that, the social workers became involved. However, i was released from the police station without charge. 2 months later she applied for disabilities based on fraud claims and she was awarded the standard rate of £300 a month for daily living and mobility allowance, she told me if you dont apply for carer you will be out and never see your children again. So i had to apply for it and i became her carer. This situation continue for over than 18 months. Until i decided to write to the job centre about her fraud claims. However, she continued receiving £300 a months until now because she claimed she is very depressed because of our relation and she was receiving anti depressant from her Gp and through it in the toilet, she told me this £300 is a big gift, and will cover lots of things that she likes , in addition to blue badge for free parking in any place and free bus tickets and free school meals for five children. My question; i have separated from her since three months. She gave me permission to see my children at any time and to take them out, 2 of my children age 11 and 13 told me she is hitting them very badly they told me that in writing by text messages and verbally when i saw them. When she accused me for domestic violence i was released without charge and she changed her statement on the next day and she told the police it was not my fault, however, she told the social workers i hit her but she forgave me to keep the family united . Now we are separated and she is moving forward to get divorce after 18 years of marriage. She is hitting my young children almost every day but i dont have proof except the text messages from my children can i get the right for custody based on this circumstances?? Thank you
Mark - 6-Nov-17 @ 7:16 PM
My partners is a Bi-polar, and has had 2 episodes since December 2016.He was discharged from hospital 31 Dec 2016, but since that time his ex is refusing to permit him access to his 2 children.She was aware of the BP when they married and indeed when they had children together... She was permitting access twice weekly until the December episode (she insisted she was present for this contact), but since December 2016 she has not allowed visits, she has permitted phone calls and Skype contact.The 2nd BP episode was in May 2017 and she is now refusing any contact either face to face, phone, Skype, text etc. She says she will not permit any contact with children until she knows exactly what happened in May 2017 around the BP hospital admission (voluntary). We have started mediation/Court process but she is now threatening to tell the Courts the reason she left Mike was he was aggressive to the children... they divorced 6 years ago, if this was the case why had she allowed access up until Dec 2016??? She is saying children don't want to talk to their dad, will Courts take her word on this? CAN SHE DO THIS !!!
Angie - 29-Aug-17 @ 2:38 PM
I recently moved out of my family home so me and my partner could have a break from eachother, it's a joint tenancy so we have equal rights! She contacted the council and community law and she got told the same thing as I did and that, she can't stop me going back! So now my ex as contacted the police and informed them I've hit her because she can't stop me from going back?? Help me please
Helpme - 12-Aug-17 @ 2:38 PM
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kaner - Your Question:
My partner's ex said she has gone to a solicitor today and said I was lyen for him so the solicitor has said I'm never to see there kids ever I have never met his kids we are togather over 2 yes can she really do this ???

Our Response:
Your partner's ex can forbid you from seeing his children. However, you can challenge this through the courts if you disagree and the courts will decide what it thinks is in the best interests of the children.
SeparatedDads - 20-Jun-17 @ 2:04 PM
My partner's ex said she has gone to a solicitor today and said I was lyen for him so the solicitor has said I'm never to see there kids ever I have never met his kids we are togather over 2 yes can she really do this ???
kaner - 19-Jun-17 @ 6:55 PM
After almost 7 years of marriage I decided to end my relationship and moved separately from my wife that is the European national. I had EEA residence card at the time and still valid when divorce got done around 1 year after separation. After that I stayed around 1 extra year and decided to leave UK by my own decision, still with valid visa during all my stay which was lawfully and true. And I DID NOT try to apply for "retained rights of residence" and I just left the country spontaneously. Because the end of my relationship was not friendly my ex wife keeps on threatening that she accused me to the Home Office of fraudulent visa application and to have married her to get visa. My question is about how much she can prejudice me with these false allegations??? Because soon I will get married with another European national and we are planning to go to the UK. Is it possible for the Home Office or UK border control refuse me entry visa to the UK even after married to another European national because of those false allegations? If so, what should I do to defend myself? I don't want to have problems to return to UK with my new wife.
Eduardo - 7-Jun-17 @ 5:24 AM
Hi just wundering if anyone has any advice my xs 13 year old daughter is making false aliigation about touching her inapropriatly to family and friends and i have two children with my x and im scared of asking to see them because im not sure how far shes prepared to go what shall i do????
Tom - 27-May-17 @ 6:37 AM
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