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Matrimonial Home: What Are My Rights?

By: Lorna Elliott LLB (hons), Barrister - Updated: 27 Sep 2019 |
Marriage Divorce Maintenance Payment


My wife has told me she wants to separate after 5 years of marriage and move into rented accommodation. When I met her she moved into my house and not long after started maternity leave. Sadly, our son was born with a disability and she therefore hasn't worked since he was born. She receives approx £500 per month carer's allowance plus other usual benefits.

The matrimonial home is in my sole name and I have therefore paid the mortgage, bills and generally maintained the property in good order. I'm devastated she has made this decision but now need to know where I stand legally regarding the house and spousal maintenance.

Obviously, I have no issues whatsoever with regard to maintenance for my child, and am more than happy to pay this and still want to be a part of his life.

Any advice please.

(JB, 13 April 2010)


I am sorry to hear that your wife has decided that your marriage is over. I note what you say about the fact that the property (which lawyers call the FMH or Former Matrimonial Home) is and always has been in your sole name. This does not necessarily mean that your wife would not have a claim to some share in the equity in the property. While it is right that your wife has not contributed financially to the property, she has managed the household for the time that you have been married and, most importantly, brought up your disabled son. The law recognises in marriage and other partnerships that while one person might be the breadwinner the other spouse contributes to the marriage in other non-financial ways.

Maintenance Payments

While you mention that your wife is currently in receipt of carer's allowance and other benefits, you do not mention whether you are paying her anything by way of maintenance at the moment. Although recent events will have been understandably upsetting for you, it does sound as though you and your wife are reasonably amicable about your separation. If you can both agree on terms for Maintenance Payments for your son, and any other financial arrangements, you and your wife may have a relatively straightforward divorce.

The Law

Of course, you should be aware that your wife may go to a solicitor at any time and be advised independently as to her legal options. I do not know your financial circumstances but her lawyer may advise her that she is entitled to a share of the equity in the family home. At this point you may want to consider your own circumstances. Would you be in a position to offer her a lump sum? Have you and your wife talked at all about making provision for your son or any maintenance payments for your wife? Would you be prepared to make any kind of offer?

Your Wife’s Rights to the Property

Similarly, your wife could register an interest in the property at the Land Registry, which would mean you could not take a secured loan against or sell your home without her permission. This is quite commonplace in situations in which the marital home is in one person’s name only.

I’ve tried to outline basic principles here, but my advice to you is to go and see a family solicitor asap. You don’t need to tell your wife that you’re consulting a lawyer, but could just find out what your options are at this stage. Good luck.

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I have ended a 15 year marriage. I have no biological children but have raised 4 step-children financially and emotionally. The children have a bio-father who is involved in there life, pays for them to some extent and they stay at his house too, which houses them. Two children remain at home with their mother (my ex) and are aged 18 and 21 years. My ex is 57 years and I am 37 years. My ex has stated that the divide of our estate has to provide a 3 bedroom home for her and her two adult children (they both work). Q: Am I liable to provide my adult step-children with a home? Q: Am i expected to have less becaise I am younger with more years of earning potential. Q: Could the two adult (children) live with their bio-father as he has room. I feel I am being penalised for two adult stwp-children to be 'housed'
Sam - 27-Sep-19 @ 12:16 PM
I have lived and got married to a man for four going on five years the properties he has got there are two and not alot of equity in either of them .I worked part time shortly after moving in in feb 2015 in june 2015I settled in two my job after getting married on may 23rd-2015 .before moving infeb 2015 we had a year relationship which was wonderfuluntil the december when he hit me .I thought it eas my fault and the travelling he did to work so I geve up my rented house that I had bought my daughter up in and one that I had for life to move in and marry this man thing's didn't change he has never hit me again but has come close and is very verbally aggressive. I have always cleaned cooke done the shopping including was of his 37year old sons cloths sheets etc as well as a flexi part time job .I want to end this and go back to where I am from as I feel that would be far enough away from him I also paid for four and five days holidays we had because the house are in his name what if anything would I be entitled too I also left a full time job with a pension that had only just started to move here.is there anything that I am entitled too ?
Pam - 23-Sep-19 @ 6:31 AM
Got Married 3 years bought a house 6 months later but was put in my wifes name due to my bad credit rating split up nine months later. But was still paying half the mortgage for months. Also my parents took out a £10,000 loan to do improvements to the house which im still owe £6000 to and i am soley paying it. She has put the house up for sale yesterday told me nothing about it we have been civil and now not answering her phone to discuss this. We have two kids which i pay maintainence for. We split due to her messing about and i walked out. Dont know where i stand with the equity in the house if anyone could give me some advice??
Paul - 21-Sep-19 @ 1:13 AM
My husband became addicted to prescription pain killers 10 years ago leaving me to carry sneering including raising and supporting our 4 children I hag worked 3 jobs to pay for emerging he hasn't contributed to anything in fact he doesn't even have a current account His behaviour is often irrational but mainly he sleeps during the day and is awake during the night I can't go on any more. His father passed away and an inheritance is a due soon which will be around 50k our mortgage is 180k Interest only 3 years left and the house which my son and I have renovated is due to go on the market any day now profit of about 100k I need to how that would be divided understand what will happen after we sell if I ask him to end our marriage
Jo - 19-Sep-19 @ 6:11 AM
Thanks to Erica raven because she is great. she has done so much for me. A few months ago my wife left me for another man. I was so depressed I was even admitted in hospital. Then for some reason I was searching for divorce lawyers and to my surprise I ended up on the Erica website (w w w . ericaraven. webs . com). I started reading her works and testimonies and I was so encouraged to fight for my marriage through his power and work. There were times were I lost hope, thinking of giving up but she reminds me to never lose hope. Isaiah 41:10. Today I can say my marriage has been restored. We happy and playing every day and she is happier than before. if you are having such or any kind of problem, you can also contact Erica magic temple on her email erika_raven_temple @ religious. com
Khafinelson - 9-Sep-19 @ 12:33 PM
Hi I have separated from my wife of 28 years for the past 18 we have lived in a property owned by her parents in that time I have made renovations kept all maitaince and been the main bread winner ,what if any entitlements do I have .when it all was good the mother had it written that the home was to pas to us thanks
Mick - 7-Sep-19 @ 12:07 AM
can a wife get her ex husband barred from her parents property and home grounds
chris - 9-Aug-19 @ 8:12 AM
Hi, I got divorced this year in January 2019 in the Slovakian courts in Slovakia.I agreed to let her have full custody of the kids as she lives in Slovakia and i live in UK.But it was on the basis that i get to stay at her place when i come over and that we will arrange things between us for holidays with the kids.... I only agreed this on the above basis, as if she didn't then i would contest the divorce (which i didn't), because we both agreed.I also was paying her child maintenance at the end of the month as it was easier for me to do it that way.But the judge said that i have until the 10th of every month to make sure that she recieves the money for maintenance.My question to you is, 1:When i went to court to get divorced the only thing i showed the judge was my passport to prove it was me.There was no signing of any agreement or anything like that at all.All i got after a week of being divorced was a a paper from the courts saying she has custody and that i must pay her for my children so much before the 10thof every month.Is that legal as i thought that a legal document especially in this case being over there i should have signed something, but nothing.So not sure if it is right or wrong. 2: Everything has to be on her terms when i see kids or even get to speak to them, which is not what we agreed upon in court otherwise i would have contested it, but nothing was put in writting about it???? 3: Am i in my right to pay her the money on the 10th or just before instead of the last day of the month like i have been, due to her not sticking to any of our verbal agreements. 4:Can i hold back the pay as well until this is solved, or do i have to get hold of the courts in slovakia to put in place that i also want shared custody of my kids even if they live there and i am in the uk.As my kids are British. And also that the courts put in place when i can have the kids, instead of her barking orders and on her terms only. 5: knowing we are leaving the EU, does this still stand about paying the money as it will be harder for me to see my kids as will have to get visa etc..As when i was there the judge did say we are still part of the Eu but it is the Slovakian way which i do believe is wrong as the judge should have been mutual with both parties instead of just one country should have taken both countries into consideration. I have not paid her maintenance for the kids as of yet this month as i am sick and tired of her manipulating me all the time and now i am waiting until the 10th to pay her as per the paper i recieved from the courts that clearly states i have until the 10th to pay her. Please i need help here.... Thanks Shaun
shaun atkins - 1-Aug-19 @ 10:22 PM
I'm a canada woman who wants her husband back home, he treated me badly and now I mis him and want him back after separation. How can I get help on canada forums too get ex back.
eva - 31-Jul-19 @ 2:15 AM
I am divorced after 13 years marriage without any any child.our family home is for sale on base of court order since last year so myex wife is living in family home . now the interest rate for the mortgage will go up and she needs to find another deal and asking me to sign paper for her as still I have interest but myself renting a place and paying high rent . Do I have to help her to get a law interest ?? can I ask her to go out the house rent a place for herself . How on earth the house is in Market for one year with no offer?? if I sign for her that means she will stay forever. I need some advice what is my right??
Paul - 24-Jul-19 @ 5:56 PM
Hi there, I am 63 yrs old my husband is 65 he suffers with mental health problems and is also physically,verbally and emotionally abusive.We own our own home( with mortgage) and every so often he threatens that he will sell our home! Besides the trauma of always being there for him for 44yrs of marriage. Last night he informed me that he had contacted an estate agent to come value our home with a view for a sale. I have worked partime on and off for 35 yrs but mostly being a stay at home mother taking care of our children who are now grown and don’t live with us. I die every time he does this! My three grown up children won’t talk to their father,they are disgusted with what he does to me. Could you tell me if I would be eligible for some kind of remuneration “Spousal something”...sorry i’m not really clued up with the technical terms. I have little savings. I would be grateful if you could give me advise... kind regards, Abbie Pearson.MAT
Abbie Pearson - 23-Jul-19 @ 5:38 AM
I'm married with 2 young children with a morgage under both of our names we have decided to part. But I can not afford to rent and pay towards the morgage and pay child maintance what can i do?
Jo - 19-Jul-19 @ 4:59 PM
Hi, we got married in 2001, and separated in 2011, but we are not divorced yet, we have grown up children who live elsewere, my ex wife still lives in our home, can you tell me if i am entitled to anything regarding the house which is ijoint names,
Nelly - 8-Jul-19 @ 7:24 PM
My husband walked out 4 years ago.During this time he did continue to pay the mortgage and various utility bills.Now he is wanting a "Legal Separation", "Mediation", and then "Divorce". My question is this....Will the 4 years of paid mortgage and bills apply towards"Spousal Maintainance" paid to me?In other words, does the last 4 years that he has paid on mortgage etc. considered "Spousal Maintainance" , and that I will not receive the "Spousal Maintainance" that I would normally receive?
Bug - 29-Jun-19 @ 11:55 AM
I have been married 18 years. My husband came on a fiancé visa and didn’t have a work permit until 2004/2005. I maintained him and 2 children from a previous marriage and also his child. He never contributed. I purchased my house in 2002/2003, in my sole name as ex-council and they would allow his name on. We used equity and purchased a family home. He argued it to be in his sole name so we were even. I didn’t mind. Now 18 years on, I’ve funded his bad business ventures and lost £130k through unsuccessful businesses. He moved out 7 months ago and is demanding £60k or he will divorce me. He says he needs it to stand on his feet and find his way, I never get mentioned in his future but the 3 children he has do. Never mentions my older two. Confused as I have maintained him for years, paid the bills, food. Clothing for everyone including him, his car insurance and all the other luxuries. Both houses have had extensions which I have paid for and I am paying the loans including a £17,500k business loan he took out in my name. He has never provided for me or the children. Can he through the children and myself out? Can he force me to sell my investment? Am I better giving him £60k, he only ever spent under £5000 which includes any mortgage payments he made. He lived like a king :(
Reey - 21-Jun-19 @ 5:40 PM
I am seeking advice for the matter of selling my home that I own outright in my single name only that my ex partner lives in with my 10 year old daughter, she is living there with daughter and her eldest Son who was from a previous relationship prior to meeting myself. I believe she may now be having her new boyfriend living with her, and I am still the owner of the property and I pay the mortgage myself which in a way kinda pays for the child maintenance for my daughter. I am wanting to sell the property to get a clean break from my ex as I am blocked on all communications with her and my daughter and I want to sell the home to move on. any advice on this would be very much appreciated.
Dez - 8-Jun-19 @ 11:54 AM
My wife left me saying she had feelings for someone else we had mediation and agreed to joint custody/parental responsibility.My parents helped me to buy the marital home and give her a lump sum I also gave her the car and paid the loan iff that was on it. She then decided she should have the children four days and I could have them three. I've met someone else and she is now saying I can't see them when my partner is staying. It was,her that kept telling me to move onshe said she is taking my to court over the children. She said the children are upset because of my new partner but they really like her and my youngest have told me that she keeps asking them what we have been doing and if my new partner was here which upsets them What can I do
Cloud - 8-Jun-19 @ 10:22 AM
Me and my wife living together since 7 years but had religious marriage only. Now she is asking for divorce and looking for financial settlement.She worked on off but never in regular job. My house is on mortgage and only my name since I bought 5 years ago. I'm the one who is paying mortgage and paid the deposit. We don't have any kid but I had one 9 years old daughter from previous marriage and comes to stay over the weekend. I have paid all the utilities in last 5 yearsand she never contributed. She is also asking for maintenance but she is earning more than me these days. Please advise
Roby - 30-May-19 @ 12:59 AM
Hi there. I met my wife in 2012 and we married in 2014. It's been a up and down marriage over kids not wanting to get involved with each other. Now she says she's had enough and wants me out and hates me. I pay the council rent but her name and her ex husbands name is still on the council tenancy agreement. Even thou they have been divorced for years. I have a good job and she has 5 kids of her own who are all grown up now. And I have 2 daughters who live away. Where do I stand if I get kicked out. I can't afford private rent as I have lots of bills and can't afford private rent on my own. What should I do.
Dazza - 29-May-19 @ 11:47 AM
Split from my ex last Nov, the house we rented was owned by her parents, we paid rent via cash and bank transfer a few times from one of our businesses we had. She has now moved out of that property and has said she is selling it to pay of all her debts. Would I be entitled to anything?
Dadineed - 8-May-19 @ 9:57 PM
Hi, I’m getting a divorce and my husband has informed me that if I don’t agree to his terms, which is half the house and half care for the children. He will make sure the house gets repressed because it’s in his name but I’m on the land registry. Also start trouble if we get viewers for the house and start destroying it. What should I do, I have a solicitor so will inform them.
Dee - 5-May-19 @ 9:32 AM
I split with my ex wife in 2016. And divorced in 2017 i have a joint mortgage with her on our marital home. Which she still lives in with our 9 year old son. I have been told I can't force a sale on the house untill my son is 18 years old. I have been renting a House since the split and haven't paid towards the Mortgage. As I have had my rent to pay. I have equity in the property. Which I don't want to lose. But I'm now wanting to buy a house with my Girlfreind. How do I get my name removed from the marital home and still get the equity I am owed..
Drew - 3-May-19 @ 1:07 PM
If I have been marriedfor 40years my husband stilllives with mebut leaves everything to son is there anything I can do
Diane - 9-Apr-19 @ 2:58 PM
I have 4 children aged 7-9-16-18 the marriage has broken down and she wants me to move out the mortgage is in both names I have found somewhere else to live I am the only working one in the house she gets carers allowance for looking after her grandma where do I stand financially would I have to pay all the mortgage or only half
Paul Sweeney - 9-Apr-19 @ 12:37 PM
I Been married 9 years and have 3 kids, only one is biologicaly mine.. we lived in a council house.The tenancy is in her name and I'm only down as an occupier. Up until Xmas 2018 I thought we were good, as it turns out my now to be ex wife left me in January and moved in with her drug dealer new boyfriend!. My kids are in temp foster placement and I have a strong possibility of getting them back as a single parent through the court. What right do I have to take over the tenancy and how do I go about it? As she is now threatening me to move back into the house I've worked hard in with this man!. Help!.
Taff73 - 7-Apr-19 @ 2:24 PM
Hi. I am married with my husband for 7 years. Three years ago he bought a council flat took mortgage everything on his name. My name is only on council tax. When he was buyingproperty he gave me to sign a paper and ask my friend to sign it. Basically we did sign it with no reading as he told it's too sort quicker to get mortgage. Now from today he told me I have to move out because it's his property and that I have signed a paper that I am only a tenant and I am not entitled to anything. Can he kick me out?He told me he will kick me out and that he will call police.Can he do that? I am scared now I have nowhere to go.
Emma25 - 22-Mar-19 @ 6:34 PM
Hello, I wonder if you can help with letting me know what my options are. I have spilt with the mother of my kids, 7 and 2, and left our rented accommodation which I am still paying for along with all bills. The tenancy is in my name as I am the one who has a full time job and I have given notice to the estate agent. The 'checkout' date is May 2nd. My ex is now saying she will stay in the property after the date. I am happy to pay maintenance and my kids are my priority but I don't want to continue to pay for a property that I no longer live in and I also need to find accommodation for myself as I am currently staying with my brother who will be moving 'up north' very soon. Communication with my ex is rapidly deteriorating and I find her unreasonable to deal with. What advise would you give? Thanks in advance.
fatheroftwo - 13-Mar-19 @ 2:50 PM
Hi, have been married to my wife for 4 years now but have been staying together for 8 years. We about to divorce, she got the house is on a mortgage 4 years before we met so it’s all in her name. I have been contributing 50% of everything for the last 8 years. Would I be entitled to a some share of the property when we divorce.
Well1977 - 11-Feb-19 @ 1:19 AM
I split up from my wife in 2016, we own a house jointly which there is a mortgage on together with a loan. After we separated I continued to pay the mortgage whilst giving my ex maintenance for our children. Since then I have met my partner and we have had a child together, as a result my child maintenance payments have reduced (as per CMS) . My partner has now moved her new partner into my house. They have just got engaged and as I am getting married too now is the time to get things sorted. The property is owned jointly, I paid the mortgage for 10 years on my own until we split. Can I force a sale of the house or get my ex partner to buy me out of the house. What will happen with the loan? I will not be liable for a property that my ex partner and her latest boyfriend are living in.
Matt - 4-Feb-19 @ 1:06 PM
Broke up with my husband 4years ago. I'm in a council flat. He's still in the house. It's a joint mortgage which is paid off. I want to move on and need money. How do i get my share of the house?
Brogan - 31-Jan-19 @ 10:07 PM
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