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Your Rights if You Win Custody of Your Children

Author: Chris Nickson - Updated: 13 April 2014 | commentsComment
Separated Dads Custody Residence Order

The important fact to remember is that, in the majority of cases, the father will not be granted custody of the child by the courts. Individuals and groups have complained about this bias of the courts for several years, but it’s simply a fact that unless the circumstances are exceptional, the child or children will stay with their mother under a residence order, and you will be able to see them with a Contact Order.

Conditions For Father’s Custody

However, there are times when a judge will look very favourably on a father’s application for custody. Where the mother has a history of addiction to drink or drugs or an extensive history of binge drinking, which you can prove, there’s a good chance you’ll be given custody. There are solid reasons for this, since addicts often turn to crime to feed their habits, which can put the child in situations that aren’t good as he or she grows.

The courts take a similar attitude where the mother has a criminal record, at least if it’s a reasonably extensive one showing her to be a repeat offender. That applies whether she’s in jail or not (there are instances where mothers in jail can keep very young children with them, but those are few and far between).

The mother might be considered physically or emotionally incapable of raising a child. That might be due to a physical handicap, or it could be emotional instability. In those cases, the father would be given custody.

Similarly, where there’s been emotional or physical abuse of the child by the mother, and it can be proven, then the father will definitely receive custody. Sadly, abuse rates by mothers have been on the increase.

Finally, if the mother is deemed to have abandoned her children, the father will receive custody. Abandoned is classed as not being in communication with a child for a set period, whether by mail, phone, physical contact or email. Also, if she leaves with a new partner and has no contact with the children, or if she neglects the children when they’re in her care, then custody will devolve to the father.

Your Rights

When you have custody, you have the same rights as a mother with custody, and the mother would have Visitation Rights with the children (of course, there might be circumstances when she might be denied access). Be sure you obey the contact order fully.

Something to be aware of is that the mother can later petition the court to have the residence order changed, if she’s cleaned up her act and can prove herself to be upstanding and likely to be a good parent. Sadly, there’s a fair chance she might win, although the courts will take the wishes of the children into account.

You’d do right to feel that everything is more fragile than if you were female, since it probably is. She can always come back with her lawyer.

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My wife and I where short term users. She used before I met her and during the first year we were together. She has had multiple affairs with her users and they have done unimaginable things to her while her oldest son from a previous relationship was sleepin in the back of the car or other room. Then she was clean for a almost two years then started usin pills. Got pregnant wit our son and her doctor put her on a pill schedule or somethin to help justify her addictions. After while after our son was born we then started a different addiction together. Now I am sober and she lives wit her parents after kickin me out. She has everyone fooled into thinkin she is clean when she is still sleepin wit her dealer. I havent seen my kids in almost two months. I have done nothing wrong. I have never been violent towards her or my kids. She has everyone fooled into thinkin i harmed her and my kids in some way that now her family is keepin them from me too. She forged my name and stole my taxes. She knew i was gonna fix my truck so i could keep my job. Truck broke down. Phone turned off because no payment and lost my job because i couldnt get rides to work. Theres nothing to justify what she did wit my taxes thats in the hands of the irs now. But i have proof of her having her dealer around my kids and in her parents house after i warned him and everyone else he was a danger to my wife and my kids. Well i have given up on my wife after findin out they let her be with this other man. Even though we are still married. My kids are 2 and 1. Her oldest son jus recently moved in with his dad because her mental state is not stable at all. She doesnt tell me anything about them when i ask. I have asked for doctors appointment dates and she refuses that information from me also. She has convinced my daughters school that i am dead beat dad and they removed me off the list of contacts. I cant get any information regardin my kids. She drives through the town im livin in multiple times a week and never lets me see the kids when i ask. Im a great father and no one has ever said anything to me about me doin something wrong to my kids. She told her family that i molested my daughter but she never called the cops on me? I dont have a violent past. Yes i have lost my temper with my wife. But never with my kids...im sorry but my kids arent having an affair with a drug dealer. Can i file temporary custody of my kids until my wife xompletes a 90 drug rehab in patient program? Can i file temporary custody at all? We were married for almost three years and together for almost 5. This last affair started before thanks giving. Her boyfriend deals and uses drugs. And he uses my wifes addiction to his advantage...please someone help me help my kids. They ask about me all the time i am told but she refuses to have them call me before bed. Most importantly they refuse to answer all my requests concernin appointments. Schooling and general health...is that right for them to do?
FredM3 - 25-Mar-14 @ 4:13 AM
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MarianGregory - 15-Mar-14 @ 11:11 PM
My son is incarcerated, married and they have a 3 year old. She is filing for a divorce (she no longer is in love with him). He is to get released in 1 year. I watch my granddaughter for my daughter in law approx 35 hrs a week. I am very concerned about custody, since I know she drinks alot, and does drugs in her home. Is there any way for me (grandmother) to get custody? What do I have to do?
jane - 18-Feb-14 @ 10:50 PM
I am divorced and have 2 kids from my ex husband and a baby by my boyfriend. my boyfriend tested positive for drugs and dyfus removed him from the home and he was at a shelter and now is in a drug rehab. My ex husband said he will take my kids from me if the courts ever allow my boyfriend aka baby's father back into our home even if he is clean. My kids want to stay with me and my boyfriend and baby brother. Will the courts give my ex husband custody? The dyfus case isint on me. And I was approved by them to be the surpervised person to bring my baby to see his dad in rehab. Please help me!!!!!
Nic - 16-Feb-14 @ 1:55 AM
Hello I wonder if you can help? I live in the UK and I am British, I am married with two children. We own our own house etc.. I have a daughter in South Africa which I want to get full custody of. I only found out about her when she was 6 years old. Since then the mother got divorced as she lied to her partner for 6 years and told him it’s his. (I was never married to her) She is not doing well at school and many other areas, the mother is unable to find a job and unemployed for 3 years now, I have been supporting my daughter ever since I found out 100%. So my question is, If I gain full custody in South African courts, will I be able to bring her to the UK to live with us. She is now 9 years old. Any advice will be appreciated.
Sven - 4-Feb-14 @ 10:02 AM
This advice is a load of rubbish, my daughter was taken from my care firstly on her wishes (because her mum threatened her) secondly despite my ex emotional instability and history of her other children being on a child protection list and third on the word or a 23 year old social worker with 1 years so called experience, the whole system is a sham and they have put my daughter back with a person who puts here at constant risk.. and yes drink and drugs have been involved historically in our case. The whole system is a sham and until we all fight back properly it will never change.
Glynn - 1-Dec-13 @ 5:16 PM
Hi my ex wife has abandoned our 2 kids for 11 months now. We had a shared residency order but she left abandoned the children at school. The kids have now moved on from their abandonment issues and are doing great. Can I now apply to get the residency order now changed to sole custody? As we cannot move from the area? Also we have no forwarding address?
Jatt - 25-Nov-13 @ 10:59 AM
Hi am lee I have 2 kids one daughter at 22 months and a son at 3 month I was with my ex partner for over 5 years were I had to with stand verbal abuse we split up back in January after 2 weeks of being split up it turn out she was pregnant with my son now 3 months witch I have held him 3 times in 3 months she doesn't want me near him just found out am not on the birth cetificate witch really hurt me she would do that I have my own house great job and in the middle of a comastion claim for a 6 figure sum, my daughter I get for 8 hours a week witch is terrible going though lawyers to get that sorted and think will end up in court, lately my I have become really worried about the wellbeing of my kids she is taking them out to all hours of the morning in a house with smoke and drug taken her new partner is a constant drug user just out of jail to he has his own kid that he does not get near because if what he put is ex parnter though and he is now round my Kids and I want to try to do something about it, what can I do I just want the best life possible for my kids I don't want the life she has chosen to live to be the way they are brought up thanks
Leo - 17-Nov-13 @ 11:46 PM
How do I go about getting unsupervised visitation rights for my daughter who is 4 years old , we live in Bangalore, India,my wife left the house without informing me, taking the child with her, she is not allowing me or my parents to see the child, she agreed to mutual consent over the child but she is pushing it day after day. How do I go about this matter, she has habits of drinking and smoking, laziness, dirtiness and carelessness over the child. Its urgent. Please help
Georgie - 8-Nov-13 @ 10:26 AM
We live with my parents , only 2 weeks ago my wife @ 2am decided to leave while I was at work without any reason , she stole a lot of money an gold an flu to another country abandoning my 16 month old son an 3 year old daughter , I have not heard from her in any way . I have found out she is with another man. What are my rights on getting full custody of my children ? Please help
Al - 8-Aug-13 @ 1:28 AM
I split with my wife in 2010 and finally divorced 2013, we have 2 kids together aged 10 and 4. I still have my 2 kids every time I am off work, but recently, my 10 yr old Daughter told me her mum has gotten into smoking cannabis,. I pay my ex-wife child maintanence through our banks eack week, now I am worried the money I send is now paying for her drugs and not on the kids as intended.i pay her £60 a week. I do not want my kids to grow up in that enviroment, would I stand any chance of getting custody if I went for it!!! my ex is now with someone else and had a baby to her new fella, which doesnt bother me, I just want my 2 kids free from a drugs enviromentSomebody, Please Help.
Tank153 - 7-Jul-13 @ 1:58 PM
Hi I am a grandmother of 2 boys I have been in there life since day one they stayed here weekends and in the week there parents are split up and have been for 3 years but still see and stand by each other after my son leaving home when my first grandchild was 6 months old give it 6 to 8 months and he had started staying out weekends and his g/friend was just going out all day basically gossiping around peoples houses and the house started to get really dirty I would help to clean this up and always have the children but in December 12 my grandchildren started asking me to move in I just kept telling them they could when there older but then they started saying there mother wasn't listening to them so they stopped talking to her I would ask both the mother and there father what was going on but got abuse from both of them so I just gave it them back then one of my g/children said he had been threw up the wall by his mother I questioned this but was told they were the parents and they would do what they want I was so worried I went to check the children but got punched in the face by the mother I went home and rang social service and rang a solicitor this is still on going but to make the story short I now have had this all twisted around to me and my husband with lies the children have been told to lie I haven't saw them she has told caff cass worker who is doing a report at the moment that it was me who it her and that I had the children that much because she was intimidatedso she let me have them she has gave a lot of lies to my son in which I didn't have much to do with anyway as I found out he was using drugs and that's why all debt was coming to my house for him I have gave them so much and helped them paid debt for them brought shopping and children's clothes But for them to get out the situation they are in they have just revolved it back to me and now saying my husband is violent all because I want to see the children and I reported a safe guarding
jo - 20-Jun-13 @ 8:26 AM
Me and my partner were getting on really well after the birth of our daughter with some minor usual arguments over money etc. My partner was very emotional and past events of her childhood was creeping up on her (mothers ex husbands that were violent and controlling which effected my partner) She asked for counselling through the health visitor and was put on waiting list. One night I came home from work to find that my partner and my child had gone with a note saying I was controlling etc. Which I found rather odd as I was the one that wasn't allowed to visit friends without the presence of her. Anyway later on bout 2 weeks after she left she contacted me out of the blue and she needed my help. Quite a bad situation I should say. She then told me she was living in a women's refuge for domestic abuse with our daughter. This I thought was quite sickening as there had been no abuse of any kind from me and the only abuse was from her verbally, once even at my work in front of my colleagues and our daughter over a car seat, I was very embarrassed and didn't know what to say. Since she has left she has refused any sort of contact with our daughter and she cannot give me any sort of explanation other than she don't think it's in the best interests of our daughter. I have tried several attempts in trying to meet with her or talk to her about the contact arrangements, even suggested meeting in the children s center and also attempted mediation but she point blank refused, again no explanation. I have just put in an application to the court for shared residence (C100) and a cause for concern of harm to child (C1A). As I know my partner has mental health problems and there was a suspicion of her having bi polar disorder but nothing diagnosed. There is also concerns that she is leaving our daughter with women of the refuge on a regular basis and also one occasion I know of that it has been overnight. I have found out from my manager, who has worked in a women's refuge previously that they do not screen women that enter the refuge also they just take the women's word about abuse that has /has not happened. Therefore you could be an axe murderer that is abusive and still get a placement in a refuge cos they do not need an evidence of any abuse. So I think this is a potentially dangerous environment for any women and children that are genuinely fleeing from abuse. I have reported my concerns with social services but they don't seem to be taking my concerns seriously. Any help or guidance about my situation and what I can expect in court would be really appreciated.
LRIGHTS - 12-Mar-13 @ 4:49 PM
A friend has split from his girlfriend they have a 1 yr old daughter and agreed joint custody verbally 3.5 days each and he has found out that wen the child is with mum she is always at grandparents house with them or aunts doing most of the care also he has found out that the child stays at grandparents every saturday so that mum can go clubbing with friends (there fore technically mum isnt even spending the 3.5 days with her) and he has just been told he has no legal rights and she can stop his conttact as she pleases is this true or does he technically have custody due to his 3.5 days compared to mum spending less time with her also he has concerns regarding the home conditions and wants to remove child but fears arrest for abduction
vikki-uk - 5-Mar-13 @ 2:30 PM
My 9 years old daughter told me at the weekend that her mothers new husband (married 2 years) was taken to hospital after watching a program which contained elements relating to the army. She told me he freaked out and was swearing etc, it was non violent from a physical standpoint but nevertheless scared my daughter a lot. I know this guy was in the army but whether he saw combat I do not know. What scares me is that my ex wife has not told me about this. I hear it from a 9 year old girl. What scares me even more is the fact this guy is into his martial arts and has a number of samurai swords in the house (god only knows why!) What can I do about this? I don't want any action I take to blow back on my daughter, we have a very trusting relationship and she tells me everything. If I look to discuss it with my ex it could impact badly on my daughter. As a dad I know I've got pretty much no rights unless my ex come under the catagories above. I've thought about social services/initial response but I'm unsure. I need to get it right,can't afford mistakes. My daughter is too important and what I do now will impact on her whatever the outcome.
Adad - 20-Feb-13 @ 5:35 PM
My 9 years old daughter told me at the weekend that her mothers new husband (married 2 years) was taken to hospital after watching a program which contained elements relating to the army. She told me he freaked out and was swearing etc, it was non violent from a physical standpoint but nevertheless scared my daughter a lot. I know this guy was in the army but whether he saw combat I do not know. What scares me is that my ex wife has not told me about this. I hear it from a 9 year old girl. What scares me even more is the fact this guy is into his martial arts and has a number of samurai swords in the house (god only knows why!) What can I do about this? I don't want any action I take to blow back on my daughter, we have a very trusting relationship and she tells me everything. If I look to discuss it with my ex it could impact badly on my daughter. As a dad I know I've got pretty much no rights unless my ex come under the catagories above. I've thought about social services/initial response but I'm unsure. I need to get it right,can't afford mistakes. My daughter is too important and what I do now will impact on her whatever the outcome.
Adad - 20-Feb-13 @ 3:13 PM
My son lived with me his entire life, I was a really goo mother own my own home, I don't drink, do drugs, nor have a record. have always held a good job and most times worked part time as well to support my children as never received support as the father was a crack addict and always in and out of jail.I tried to help him for year but had to give up to give the kids a stable home.I own the house solely.When my son was 14 my in laws ( and I always let them be a part of his life as it was not there fault there son was a addict and would not be fair to them apart) so anyway my in law's had my son in contact with his father in prisons .. for which he was there for taking a knife to a lady throat while her 3 year old son watched.That was one of may times in prison.The had convinced my son to leave my house to stay with his fathers sister to wait for him when he got out of prison, so you must know I was devastated and beg him to stay with me until his dad was out and to see if he would even stay clean.. its been two years and still feels like the day he walked out of my life.But I just got a not from the government that child support was going to stop.I so be it I thought one of the family had done that already as I never paid any attention to that as I never received any money anyway.He left s against my will and the aunt took him in.I'm entitled to the back support I would imagine but will I have to forfeit that because now they may come after me for support, even thought I did not want him to leave and they took him away from me.This story is more complicated with things they have done but just looking for some type of answer as I just received this notice form the government.I hope one day my son realizes the in-laws did this for there own reasons and not for my sons they are hoping with my son waiting for his father he will stay clean.And that I'm here with open arms to bring him back to the safety and loving home I gave him and he knows that I will love him unconditionally till the day I die. He is a great kid and I hope what they did will not change him when he grows up and sees that the have taken him from my side of the family because his sister,cousins,aunts and uncle miss him and want him to come back to us ...
lee - 19-Feb-13 @ 1:11 AM
My ex partner has split up with me, we have an 18month old daughter. shes on high depression tablet and can be aggressive an unpridictable on these. she gets angry and has been pysical with my daughter. when things dont go her way she has a habbit of biting her fingers in anger. she also smokes cannabis in the property where my daughter lives and has been steeling whilst out shopping. I dont want my daughter being involved in crime n drugs. I want to get full custody, what are my chances of doing this????
jonny - 18-Feb-13 @ 9:54 AM
I read all this and could not believe how far from the truth this is. Perfect case in point. A lady I know who did not ever do anything except work her whole life stayed married to an abusive man for 13 years. Beat her threaten to shoot her and her 4 year old son. Not hear say since he even wrote this and admitted to it. She left him he got the child he got a thousand a month in support she got ran off the road busted windows busted cars son did not have a bed to sleep in over a year she can not see her son unless she wants to be hurt and even with all the proof she could not get any help even after spending all her retirment 30000 plus and now she is loosing her home to cover her attorney costs. It is just pennsilvinia i guess I know i have never seen anything like this in my life. God i wish i could help her. She only had a speeding ticket her whole life. Please I would love an attorney who could pro bono this case. She has lost everything. I dont want to see her go to jail next for child support. They will take her job next.
Rev.Michael - 15-Feb-13 @ 4:16 PM
my ex and i always had a verble agreement that he had the kids why i was working now he is saying that he wants to change this arragement due to his new partner. I have to work on late evening shift and all day sat which at these times no childcare is availabe. He also tells me that no judge would make him have the children why i was at work is this true??
dee - 8-Feb-13 @ 8:57 PM
I wonder what you guys think of a man who isolates his wife from family and friends and makes them feel uncomfortable over the years to stop them coming round. he is charming and talks well with a respectible job (as had I once) but refused to move house closer to my work when he demanded to have children before he was forty else we would have none. consequently I couldnt go back to work as it was just too far to travel and became even more isolated and lost more friends. this man continued his job leaving earlier and coming home later even when my mum died he offered no support. I got myself out of a short depression with the correct medication and we had another baby (i worked when I could in between but couldnt get a permanent job locally). this man was secretly telling his family and our friends that I was mentally ill abusing our children he was also having numerous sexual relations locally and began a 2 year affair with a woman who "befriended me". they planned to get rid of me and he even offered me money to leave the house telling me he knew he would only get custody of the children if I was mentally ill or abusing them. eventually he confessed to his affair and I told him to leave. he has persecuted me ever since phoning police, school etc spreading "his story" and acusing me of abuse but then changing his mind when we get to court. my children recently told me that his girlfriend has been hurting them on regular occassions mainly in the toilets when he is not there and were interviwed by the police and video'd. I was told that the videos were not strong enough for CPS but social services would be involved. I am now having to go through a full assessment myself as my ex says his girlfriend did nothing and that I made it all up even disbeleiving his children. our children are otherwise happy and doing well at school, they see their friends and we go out at the weekend to do what ever they wish (and I can afford!) ive been left worrying about how to pay for the house I was given in the divorce as my ex has taken me to court so many times I am struggling to find the solicitors fees but can not get legal now as the finances have been finalised.i just want to tell mums and dads that things are not cut and dried as you see on these forumns there are men and women who will lie through theyre teeth to get access and custody to their "possessions" ie theyre children whilst blindly not considering the childrens wellbeing at all. I was the one who pursued and maintained weekly contact for my children with my ex and all he has done is try at every opportunity to get custody by accusing me of being mental or abusing them both of which are simply not true. be careful when dealing with your ex's and remember that you know them best not the courts - if you feel that there is the slightest risk of harm to your children get the police or social services involved and remember you have nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong. if you wait long enoug
whatdoeshewantreveng - 13-Jan-13 @ 11:53 AM
My ex left me for a known criminal she suffers from anxiety issues and takes diazepam slot she has had children taking from her as she was unfit to look after them they are in my care ATM , worried about my children every going back to her as honestly don't think she is able to cope , any advice not sure what to do. any advice would be greatly welcome thank. from £NONI
cj - 3-Dec-12 @ 6:31 PM
Hi there i'm worried about a situation and looking for advice... Partners X wants custody, as he thinks I'm bad. I think this is based on him being jealous. I have a criminal record (recreational drugs over five years ago), and have smoked pot recently (never around kids!!).He's manipulative and I'm more worried about him turning into someone who'll do something violent cos his toys fell out his pram... Time will tell... I'm worried about custody issues though and him bringing me into trouble legally... any tips?!
donaldTHEduck - 1-Dec-12 @ 8:41 PM
A contact order was out in place in June 2009 when my husband took me to court for custody of the children. In Jan 2010 he came to live back in the matrimonial home until the house sold. From May 2010 he moved into his mothers address and we have been following the court order although he has stopped one overnight contact as he wished to have a weekend to himself. He refused to get this documented at court though.Now Nov 12 he has stated to me that the contact order is void and that he is taking me to court for 50% access.I have been the 3 boys 12,10,5 main carer since June 2009 and regular contact has been provided to the father. How do I stand in court as why should my family life and the boys lives have to be disrupted again due to his request.He has stated that he wishes to stop paying me maintenance and therefore wants more overnight stays. He is also refusing to pay the children's school fees of the 2 older boys. I cannot force him but the children have been through enough in their lives so I have decided to fund this alone. He is now stating that he is taking me to court to get an order to inform me that my children must move schools as he is the father and has a right to which school they attend. We made that agreement years ago for the children's education and now he can't dictate to me that they must leave.Where do I stand if this has to go to court again?
XSIMZA - 28-Nov-12 @ 6:55 PM
Hi need some help.my friend is leaveing his wife as he doent love her anyone. he still cares about her as they been together for 10 years but just as a friend. -he found someone else who makes him happy and want to give there relationship and go and would like his son to be apart of there new life. but the only problem is the childs 3 years old. is there anyway he will get custody of his child as the mother doesnt work and hasnt work in along time she not a bad mam but she not a great one even she sit about the house all day and screams at the child as he a dog it a seem she doesnt no how to talk to him as a child the only time she acts different is when her famliy come to visit as if she the normal mam and housewife she should be but as they house share the other party does most the cleaning cooking and also works and she just takes credit for it. she only bring £80 a month in which is child tax credits and doesnt want to get a job my friend asked me for advice as I was a child from parents who have divorced at a young age and I told him to follower his heart as no one should be unhappy married and is best for the child to be happy as some parents are better being apart then together but my main question is. since she is from down south and moved up here about 8 years ago can she just pack her bags and leave with the child as her family down there or is there someway of stopping her moving so far away??? as it would destory my friend not seeing his son. as I dont no what father rights are for the children these day.
mel - 31-Oct-12 @ 2:52 PM
I have fought a residence order for my little girl who I breast fed for two years , I worked as a manager full time and my partner worked away , his mother looked after my daughter a lot , I left my partner and went to live with my adoptive mother in another town , I could not tell my partner as he was abusive and at times violent , so I handed my notice in in secret and left while his mother was having my child over night, I posted her a letter the next day for her to understand things , I wanted my daughter bk , they wud not let me , I wrote to her every week , spoke every night , and had her every two weeks fri to sun, I battled thro court , he put me thro a hair alcohol test which I passed , he lied on oath but yet he won !!!!! I had all evidence that he gambled , went to prostitutes but your not allowed to show it on the day !!! I left everything a lovely home but never my daughter , he won and for the only reason I think is money talks he has everything, just be careful fathers rights have changed , in some cases it's right but in mine , I don't know what I did apart from not snatch a child in the night but to do things properly , my advice wud go against this now , because it never got me anywhere
Artoissaz - 23-Oct-12 @ 12:27 AM
Hi me and my boyfriend split a few months back I am currently living back at my mums but we both have our own rooms and theres plenty of space, he was never interestedd in pur 2yr old until now we are not together. I never stopped him seeing our son and a few weeks ago he went to stay at his for short while as we dont live close. Now it has been over 3weeks and he is still refusing to give me our son back or even let me see him. All he does is threaten me and says he will never lt me see him again or unattended. Does anybody have any advice as to what I could do would be much appreciated.
pacific - 18-Oct-12 @ 2:58 PM
I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. I am 20 years old and I found out I was pregnant when I was in a full time hair dressing apprenticeship. Since I qualified I was shown the back door as they were conviniently 'cutting back' staff. The father broke up with me weeks before I found out I was pregnant moved house changed his number ect ect. It was months before I was able to contact him to let him know. At first he was excited but quickly turned to insulting me and being in general abusive. He calls me names all the time I just ignore it. I believe my daughter will benefit from having her father in her life and that he will be a great father. I have encouraged him constantly but all he does is disappear. He goes for at most a couple of months each time. I have paid for everything he hasnt even came to one appointment now he is threatening to take my daughter off me because I am unemployed and he earns good money. He has made stupid threats to strangle me and shoot me general idiocy. I just wanted to know if the courts would seriously grant him full custody of my daughter based on him having more financially to offer. I am greatly stressed about this and have been unable to 'enjoy' being pregnant and bonding with my daughter. She is due in 2013. I must add he hasn't even physically seen me since he got me pregnant and refuses to do so. If anyone could help with my ridiculous circumstance?
check - 16-Oct-12 @ 10:03 PM
Due to my working condition and upon the convenience of the living arrangements of my 3 kids ,i gave the care to my ex husband during our divorce,things have changed now i have a more stable job .can i gave go to court to get care of them now,do i have a chance of getting the kids to live with me now
kaylee - 16-Oct-12 @ 9:23 AM
I have a friend whose husband won sole custody of their children a couple of years ago. They reconciled not long after and moved back in together. Things have changed again however and she is feeling trapped in the home and is now worried for her and her daughters sake. Could somebody please tell me if I'm right in thinking that the residency order is now void because they live together again? Or can she apply to have sole custody of the two children? Thanks
Sarah - 5-Oct-12 @ 2:35 PM
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