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When Your Ex Gets a New Partner

By: Chris Nickson - Updated: 20 Apr 2021 | comments*Discuss
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It can be hard enough to maintain a good relationship with your children if there's just a limited amount of time you can spend with them. It never feels like enough, and you worry that there might be a distance growing between you.

That feeling can worsen if your ex gets a serious, long-term partner. The natural feeling is that the new man in her life might end up closer to your children than you are.

The Feelings

How do you cope with the emotions and fear – because that's exactly what it is – that your children might end up calling another man dad? A lot depends on the bond you have with your children. If it's strong and secure, you really have no need to worry. In their minds you will always be their father, even if someone else sees a lot more of them than you. Of course, it can be hard to remember and hold on to that, and the only thing that can make you feel better is time.

The problem can be if your relationship with your children is tenuous. The trick is not to feel it's a competition between you and your ex's new man. Remember, he needs to get to know the children and form his own relationship with them, which will take time. Ultimately, however much he's around, there's no way he can replace you. Simply be yourself with the kids and try to improve your own relationship with them.

What You Can Do

It's never an easy situation, and even if you're very secure with your children, you're bound to wonder from time to time, especially if the kids take to their mother's new man (and realistically, you should hope that they do, since it truly makes life easier for everyone).

Don't shy away from asking about things they do with him – although, in most cases, children tend to be garrulous, so they'll probably tell you anyway. Try not to show any jealousy, even if it's inside. Your kids don't need to know that there's a turmoil inside your head and heart. Try not to feel to threatened, since, in all likelihood, there's no reason.

Spend as much time as you can with your kids, and take advantage of all the time you're legally allowed. Do things they enjoy, and make sure you take part!

The Problems

If you don't have a good relationship with your ex, things can be a problem. All you can hope is that she doesn't try to turn the kids against you, and tries to put her new man into your place.

In that case, all you can do is be yourself and be loving with your children. Fighting fire with fire and saying bad things about your ex and her new partner is very counter-productive. It simply confuses the children and leaves them feeling very insecure. Enjoy your time with them and simply be you.

For more information, read Introducing A New Partner To Your Children and When Daddy Got A New Girlfriend on this site.

Check out the Separated Dads Forum... It's a great resource where you can ask for advice on topics including Child Access, Maintenance, CAFCASS, Fathers Rights, Court, Behaviour or simply to have a chat with other dads.

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My ex was cheating for a year behind my back with this guy and came home with an STD so I dumped her. Turns out she was beating the crap out our son and I had to call the social services anyway a year later the social services are gone after doing nothing for my son or me, they did everything thing for my ex treating her like the victim. Anyway my ex has been bringing the same sleazy guy around our son. I dont want this guy around our son because there was an incident where he allowed his underage daughter into his bedroom with a guy she met on the Internet and she got raped, while he watched football downstairs, he then bullied her into not calling the police and verbally abused her, he left her the next morning to go to work and she tried to kill herself. Also a lot of other stuff like preying on vulnerable women on Facebook. Hanging around highschools offering rides home to underage girls, waiting outside nightclubs to give drunk vulnerable women lifts home. I've even been told by a few people to warn my ex to make sure he's not secretly videoing her and don't let him take pics as he's a habit of showing them to her mates. Anyone any thoughts on what I can do.
Joe - 19-Apr-21 @ 9:35 AM
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Dobry - 18-Apr-21 @ 1:59 PM
My divorce was finalized on December 10th 2020, we have a 2.5 year old. My ex is hoping to be living with her new boyfriend by the end of this year. I'm concerned about the affects it will have on our son.
DW - 21-Jan-21 @ 12:05 PM
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Lisa James - 30-Dec-20 @ 6:56 PM
The mother of my kids just broke up with me we have 2 kids and we been together for 10 years. She doesn't wanna talk no more or work it out are kids is 3 and 8. How can a mother not wanna work things out and are babies are so young it kills me to no someone else has her interest and we still have to be parents to are kids it kills me to know another man could be in a house with my kids and I have to find a place forme and my kids until then I'm having to stay at my grandparents house while she stays in the house we moved in together until they move out and get another place. Its killing me
Roletide916 - 6-Dec-20 @ 6:25 AM
So I want to ask something I got a big problem like I was pregnant to my ex boyfriend I was about 7 weeks pregnant and I left him for personal reasons but anyway I meet my new partner while I was 7 weeks pregnant and my son come out looking like my new partner I just want to know if my partner changed the dna or his got higher genes or if he's actually the father im bit confused on the story I just want to know other people opinions on what they think.
Jessyy - 2-Nov-20 @ 2:11 PM
@Luke.the reality is I couldn't have my daughter anyway I am 40 years old and rent a room .but aleast I have job now and a god Damn income .my daughter is better off with the mother and her partner and there brothers and sisters .living in family house .who knows the future maybe one day my daughter and myself will have a beer together when she is a adult .
Christopher - 6-Oct-20 @ 9:34 PM
@Luke.the only trouble her mother and partner will get is if they turn up at my house I have a lot of hate there and if I am having a (bad day) I probably bash them .but they live on the other side country and her mother feels to awkward to ever approach me becauseof the whole uncle ,big Tyson and roofer thing .so that will never happen .and( I am done with blogs now been fun why I was unemployed living in fantasy land ).But now have fulltime job and a propose in life .so it's my final post it's back to reality for me .
Christopher - 6-Oct-20 @ 8:28 PM
@Luke.people think that about me it's because of how I look on the outside i can't help how I look .i got myself in enough trouble back in 09 and again 2015 because I am retarted slow and disabled all the above .but I learnt from that experience. Now I just live MY quiet life finally scored a (fulltime job )they must off felt sorry for me or something or just a good company that employ retarts .her daughter better off with her mother and partner. I definitely will never contact the mother ever again that I swear .
Christopher - 6-Oct-20 @ 7:43 PM
My partner's ex is a loose cannon. They have 2 children together and I have 2 children of my own. He's made allegations that I'm a danger to the children and has even expressed his opinion that he wants to kill me. He has even voiced this to the eldest child. I don't condone his actions and tbh, I feel he's quite immature to be thinking this. We have spoken to the police and have gone down the right channels. Now whenever he picks the kids up or drops them off, I have to leave before hand so that he doesn't kick off. He's stated before that he'll never be happy with the situation as long as I'm around. Now my parter has found out she's pregnant and is stressed because she feels that once he finds out, my days would definitely be numbered. There's no talking to him, and I feel as though my parter is taking the easy way to not cause any conflict. I however, can't keep feeling pushed aside whenever he decides to want to see his kids. Any suggestions?
Luke - 6-Oct-20 @ 5:20 PM
Hi My partner of 8 years & 3 children. She broke it off suddenly.. The legistics of the housing situation ment we had to live together for a month. I found out very quickly that she was in touch & meeting with a child friend, who I also knew. It came to a head on our youngest 2nd birthday, I seen she was flirting with this guy over text while in the car with our children present. Very cheeky. She moved out the next day.. Shes seeing him now & I've heard on the grapevine that he's just using her. I've broke several times.. I've realised my family is what I make it. It's hard ladies & gentleman. Very hard. Stay strong! Exercise Try & eat right Make time for family & friend Set short term goal Set long term goals My daughter got an award because shes been keeping upto date with her homework.. I did that sh*t. She's hasn't even bothered. Strength & control. Unstick yourself.
Theguttedone - 15-Sep-20 @ 12:49 AM
@David.i bet it hard ,but not as hard as the gardener .you get though it mate.
Christopher - 12-Sep-20 @ 5:50 PM
Sounds like every one screaming the same scream... Me too. My daughter gone to mums side but she was the one shagging the gardener. I gave up in end, well that's not entirely true..... it beat me..it's hard, very hard.
David - 12-Sep-20 @ 3:06 PM
Hi all . I am looking for some advice.I split from my daughters mum . As soon as i was out the door she brought a new guy in . Do i have any say on who my daughter meets and sees? Many thanks
Jamie - 6-Sep-20 @ 9:49 AM
Do you want your ex back? or do you want your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend back? reach priest tokubo today to get your relationship or marriage problem fixed. My ex is back to me through the help of High Priest Tokubo. Search for his name on the internet
Daisia Benson - 5-Sep-20 @ 11:28 PM
My ex left me twice in 8 years. Both times for other men. Both times on our anniversarys. Both times it was a huge chaotic mess. We even have a child together.
Kay - 31-Aug-20 @ 10:05 PM
Looking to get a full background check on my ex's new partner to see if my children are safe
Matt - 19-Aug-20 @ 1:10 PM
I sincerely hope someone out there with an answer to give advice to how to handle my personal crisis that I’m going through. I dated this woman at work . It went back and fourth with us . She was cool , but vicious and belittle me at times . In the making I got her pregnant . Got an abortion by the way . Last words , “ we didn’t vibe” . She broke my heart to pieces ! Now she’s going out with another man from work ,I heard they are moving in together, and they’re thinking of having a child . He’s 54 , she’s 34 ! How ? Why? Barely met this man and myself . A year of her working there and now this ?!.... any perspective, advice is appreciated.
Mr. Man - 12-Jul-20 @ 7:25 AM
Well i moved to a new town with my wife and kids to start a new life . leaving my business to run remotely with staff . On getting to this new town i felt lost and lonely being away from my work and being busy , it also opened a can of worms how my out of control my wifes drinking was and the toxic behavior that followed , i gave her an ultimatumits the drinking or or family she chose the drinking and i moved out back to home town 900 km away from the family , 1 year on she has a new partner who is living in our family home while i practically live on the street trying to get the house on the market so i can settle. I am being very calm and not once ever text or called with any abuse which i think is serving me well at this point , what ever she throws at me i just let it deflect off me like i dont care , of course i do but need to be strong as possible.
Thutmosis - 21-Apr-20 @ 11:47 PM
@bobbie.why have you and your son got your (knickers in a knot) about your (ex )tell he’s own son that he’s has meet someone ?.and why bring up he is a (ex convict?.)and bring up that he doesn’t support your son?.and how is he bringing you down ?you should be (happy for him )this new women might get him on the( right track)he might even start supporting he son and this new women might even end up being your sons (step mother) ?.as you stated you have moved on and happier then ever .why can’t your son father do the same ?.maybe this new women doesn’t have( digs at him) about been a (ex convict) and is supportive off him ?
Ryan - 30-Jan-20 @ 8:40 PM
Hi, I have been married for 26 years. My husband is an ex convict. I practically took care of my children needs and wants. I knew my ex has been cheating on me. But I had to stay with him until all my children are all grown up. I didn't want their little minds get messed up. I have a 15 year old son. I finally kicked him out of my life. We have been separated for 3 months. He doesn't support my son. One day he came to my son's school to see him. He told my son he has a new partner in his life. My son was bothered by it. What father will tell his son about him having a partner? I feel he is trying to bring me down. I've moved on with my life. I am happier then ever, but this really bothered me. He made my child involved.
Bobbie - 30-Jan-20 @ 6:57 PM
hi im currently in a new relationship with someone and there ex is not the best of people but tryna be civil as she is due a baby in a week but being with her half of pregnancy its closer to the due date and starting to worry feeling in the way ect but dont no how to exsplain it to her can someone help please asap as im on the convo with her and i want to be involved ill step up but scared and feel like im trying to be full on so how do i exsplain this please thanks
jay - 26-Jan-20 @ 10:46 PM
Hi,Please can anyone help.A friend of mine has been divorced from his wife for a year.He has moved out leaving his ex wife the house and the child lives with her too.She has entered into a new relationship.Very quickly.Straight away although he suspected adultery.The boyfriend has moved in.The property is only 1 bedroom.They all sleep in same room.What can my friend do about this as he is concerned for the childs emotional wellbeing.
Shaz - 19-Jan-20 @ 10:29 AM
I have been seperated from My ex and mother of my child for 4 years, when we broke things we decided amicably that we would a year before introducing our child to neew partners however she then felt the need to do this only 1 month after the break, since she has had 3 other kids with her new partner which is fine with me I'm happy for them, however whenever I mention the new partner meeting the little one who I've been with for a year my ex gets very angry and volitile and doesn't let me entertain the fact, any advice on what I can do to help ease the situation? Thanks everyone
Steve - 7-Jan-20 @ 5:57 PM
Urgent need some help. I was whit my girlfriend for 17 years. We have a wonderful daughter of the age of 6. Our problems start 4 years ago, becos of my job. She was very jealous as I have contact whit many girls, although I never cheated on here, and she knew this. Also in she's opinion I was not helped she whit everyday work whit the kid,I was neglected she, which I agree to some point. Well here our problems starts, she gives me an ultimatum, that if I love she I must quit my job and fined another one. After time, I agree and I quit my job. But from this point all become ivenworst for booth, as I start to be depressed, I can't fined another job and I start to use drugs. After a year of depression and self-destruction she put me out of she's house, and I start to live like homeless, from time to time she gave me some money to buy some food and this was our contact. Well two months ago I fined some job which give me enough money to start living like normal person, it's a hard job, but I can live by my own, and I am happy whit this. I start to make contact whit my ex, and she replays to my messages, but in the meantime she confesses me she has another boyfriend for two months, and she say that is happy and in love, and she don't fell nothing for me any moor. I go for no contact but due to we have a daughter together I must interact whit she from time to time i was sending some messages. Also she aloud me to see my daughter only one time per week. She also agrees to meet whit me one time, and we got to have a drink, but I start to feel needy and sorry for what I did,she rejected me immediately, she tells me that between us is over and I must accept it as soon as better for me and move on stairway I will be only hurt. She also tells that my daughter like she's new boyfriend, and they both are happy whit new guy. I go no contact again for one week now. Today I send some messages again about contact whit my child,but i don't receive any replay.This week I also have a new job interview, and I was selected for a high profile job, which give me an opportunity to get a decent payment, the problem is my job will consist in travelling around the world and not be present in my hometown and country for a while. I still love she and I don't know how to fine a solution for my problem to get she back. Any advice is welcome. Thank you from the heart and good bless you all.
Libero - 26-Dec-19 @ 1:56 PM
I have been separated from my ex now for 10 months in this time she has had several partners and has gone from telling me she has been on a few dates to now being in a 4 month relationship she has introduced him to our 3 year old daughter with out telling me and she will not give me any information about the man she has in my daughters life am I the only person that thinks this sounds a little off I was having our daughter every weekend from Saturday to Monday morning and because I have asked to meet with him or have a little information about on him she has now cut all contact between our daughter and myself could she have something to hide or simply be using our daughter to play mind games with me. Thanks people
Wolstey - 23-Dec-19 @ 5:09 PM
I been dating a separated woman for ten years. She comes up pregnant. Is ok for her to travel with her ex the weekend for there son graduation.
Trap - 6-Dec-19 @ 5:39 AM
@nikki.after reading your story .i am glad my daughter has a good mother and step father that pay for her .because I won’t be (coming back )and understand about going off the radar thinking real hard about doing it again (gods truth )but (permanent this time) .my daughter most likely doesn’t want to see me she wouldn’t even remember me (gods truth )as I her last time I seen her she about 3 feet tall .let her mother and husband be in control( I don’t care )they have the (burden) off the child not me I walked free to live my life (gods truth)as for slagging off there is none off that I have no contact and don’t want contact.because if there was contact there will be fights 100 percent .
Ralph - 25-Nov-19 @ 9:23 PM
My daughter's mum kicked me out and soon after got with another man. My daughter was 2. Within a few weeks she was calling him daddy. I ended up moving away and went off radar for about a year. I got back in touch but my ex wouldn't let my daughter know I was in touch, for about 2 years. Eventually I got to see her again and moved back to the same town to be near my daughter. We had a great relationship but that all changed after I moved to the school she wanted to go fo's catchment area so she could be accepted. After that I hardly ever saw her. I felt pushed out. My ex was in total control of my daughter and she would always ask her mum for permissionn to do anything with me. I felt pushed out completely. My ex says my daughter is the one who doesn't want to see me. I've never slagged her or the step dad off Infront of her and been easy going about it. One time I said I wanted to see her and was willing to take her to court.....she went off on one threatening me with all sorts.
Nikki - 25-Nov-19 @ 7:52 PM
Hi I am in very hard situacion we break up wiht my ex 3 weeks agoafter 2 weeks she told me she moved on and have somebody new. I was shoked I was in hope that still we have chance to be together. We have 2 wonderfull kids boy and girl. Boy is notfrom are realtionship. We start from nothing build up are life first years was amazing my little daugher born now she is neaely 4. I made lots of mistakes I never care about are soon allways put him down never hugh him now I miss him so much. With my ex we try lots of time she told me what is on your heart I just ignore. Even I start not respect my ex keep just try to find problems about her. She give me lots of chance to be together and she loved me much. Now its happend we break up she is moved on kids I just we Saturday becouse of my work. I cant even put my feet on her house I cant see her so much hurt the felling she is with another man. Now when I lost her I feel terrybol sad miss family all my live with her. I will never forget for myself how I treated her. Now I just wish her to be happy and love what she not have from me.
Rob - 18-Oct-19 @ 1:40 PM
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